May 2006: SPOTLIGHT ON...

A Chronological, Geographical, and Sonic Journey

Don't let the picture fool you. This ain’t the 21st Century Manson family nightmare you had in mind. These aren’t run-of-the-mill weird beard freak folkies - or cookie-cutter heavy retro-stoners, psych rockers, or purveyors of any other subcultural musical trend of the last few years. This is the personal rock’n’roll of vision of Vietnam. They’ll remind you less of The Band, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Velvet Underground than they will Music From Big Pink, Blood on the Tracks, Tonight’s The Night, Loaded, and other rare moments when distinct musical voices have delivered very straightforward yet compelling rock’n’roll. (read on)


mp3s of live performances, demos, alternate takes, and a sneak peak at the songs from their upcoming releases

dozens of pictures documenting the life and music of vietnam

straight from the kitchen of vietnam - the latest addition to the new york night train cookbook

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