A Song for January 20th, 2005



In commemoration of our current ruler's re-coronation,We the  Notekillin'

People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Opposition, present

our version of Jefferson Airplane's poli-sci-fi classic, House at Pooneil Corners

(feat. Dasha):




http://www.notekillers.com/pooneil2.mp3  (fcc friendly version)





House at Pooneil Corners


(Kantner/Balin...with a few tweaks, changes, deletions & additions...)


You & me we keep walkin' around & we see

All the bullshit around us

You try & keep your head in what's going down 

Can't quite believe where this democracy has found us


& you wonder what you can be

& you do what you can

To get strong inside


You search for healing but nobody's feeling it

Somebody's dealing - somebody's stealing

If you say you don't see then you won't

You say you don't know & a change won't ever come


& you wonder what you can do

& you do what you can

To set wrongs to right


& you wonder what you can do

& you do what you can

To step up & fight


Someone stood at a window & cried one tear

I thought that should stop a war

But someone is killing me


& now's the last hour to think anymore

chilling abuses & shovels - shovels into swords


From here to heaven is a scar

Dead center - deep as death

Til the idiots have left


A 40 million dollar party

While thousands are dying and starving


Dedicated to the memory of Spencer Dryden (1938-2005)


recorded 1/12-13 2005 at Milkboy Recording

Tommy Joyner engineer