February 15, 2006

Issue III:
New Orleans' 9th Ward Music Scene:
Katrina and Beyond



03/22- 03/26, 2006







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Live Recommendations for Saturday, March 25, 2006

Love Is All

Tomorrow: Love is All, Cause Co-Motion! – Warsaw $13
If I had to pick only one show tonight, it'd be Love is All at the Warsaw. Just when you thought you'd never have to deal with another overblown post-punk buzz band, Love is All has been hyped so much in the last couple of months that typically-wise folk like myself have remained an ocean away. But now they're here for a couple of shows, there's really not much more to do except open our ears. And the secret that all of us cynics try to ignore remains that occasionally the hype is somewhat justified. If you've been avoiding this Swedish fivesome as I have, it's time to give in. They're take on the tired post-punk is just too original, catchy, and well-conceived to avoid. Equally more chaotic and more structured than their contemporaries, with more unusual intrumentation to boot, Love is All has a brainy immediacy that can't be denied and I can't wait to see how it all translates live. Another great band on New York's What's Your Rupture? label, Cause Co-Motion, is opening both shows.


Also recommended:
Direct from Hollywood Cemetery, Cortina, Partyline, Shellshag, Panther – Cake Shop
Joggers, Georgie James, Lolita Bras – Rothko $10
Cordero, Babaloo – Tonic 10PM $10/$12
Satan's Pilgrams, The NEBULAS! – Asbury Lanes
The Gossip, No Dynamics – Knitting Factory Main Space $12
Animal Collective, Storveit, Nix Noltes – Bowery Ballroom $20/$22
Dr. Dog, The M's, What Made Milwaukee Famous – Southpaw $10/$12
Erik Sanko – Tonic 8PM
Robin Holcomb's "Larks, They Crazy" – The Stone $10
Tomas Ulrich, Ayman Fanous, Marco Cappelli, Jenny Lin - ISSUE Project Room $10
Pumpkin Pie Show: Hungry March Band – PS 122
Ray Davies – Irving Plaza $65

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