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Ivan Sunshine's Bubble and Squeak.


A recipe for disaster... and a full belly...

Step one :
Go to the couch and remove loose change in the cushions. This step
might be hard if your roomates have already taken out the change.
Another popular alternative to the couch is your roomates old lazy boy
recliner that practically eats change out of unsuspecting pockets. At
this point you should have the $1.50 you need to phurchase the key


Notes on: You can use any kind of potatoes you like but I always use the ones
that Hooper market sells on Hooper street between South First and
South Second st in Brooklyn. Hooper market carries a variety of less
than fresh produce that you can get on the cheap. They also are very
nice people and will run you some credit if your short on dough.

Step two:
Chop four or five potatoes and place them in cold water.

Step three:
Salt the water and turn on the stove top.

Step four:
Boil the potatoes in the salt water for about a half hour.

Step five:
At this point you have been waiting for a while now and have already
listened to your favorite record. Good potato boiling music varies.
Use your best judgement.

Step six:
Drain the boiled potatoes and rinse them in water.

Step seven:
In a frying pan heat some olive oil. While the oil is
getting hot you should mince some onion and garlic if you like garlic
and onions.

Step eight:
Also you want to mash up the soften potatoes.

Step nine: Put the onions in the hot oil and cook them for a few
minutes. Throw in the garlic as well.

Step ten: Ok your almost there! Throw in the mashed up potatoes into
the frying pan. With a spatula press the potatoes down so it kind of
become a giant pancake. Fry it until they brown and flip it over.
Brown that side and then you have it.

Step eleven:
Serve with ketchup. If you don't have any Heinz you can
run across the street to the fried chicken place and borrow a few
packets. If you don't like ketchup apple sauce is also excellent.

Boun Apetit.

Also I am not sure why its called "bubble and squeak" but josh
recommends a bong rip and think about it for a while.




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