June 2006: SPOTLIGHT ON...



Barry Halkin's Basement, 1969

bilenky, halkin, ed kessler, first

ed k, bilenky, halkin, first

bilenky, halkin, first


Dead Cheese, 1971

first, donna l, halkin at an outdoor festival

first on left w/guitar, halkin or right behind drums at another outdoor festival

dead cheese on tour


Early Notekillers

Dave playing from the earliest First/Halkin basement jams in 1976

dave promo photo - circa 1978

halkinplayingBW - circa 1979

notekillers live in 1977 - philly

notekillers live in 1979 - westchester pa

inside the Notel - where NK's all lived in philly


Notekillers at Hurrah's, 1980: backstage at their first NYC show
(organized by 99 Records' Ed Bahlman)



Bilenky Cycle Works band (late 90's)

bilenky at work

CosmoEuropa - bilenky bike



first performing at Roulette in NYC, 1989

first live in cologne 2003

Dave's Waves sound installation (berlin 2006)



More Soul - Halkin's r&b band

Halkin's architectural photography

Halkin's architectural photography 2


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