June 12-18, 2006




June 12, 2006

Be Your Own PET, Whirlwind Heat, Peachcake - Knitting Factory Main Space $12/$12

Since most kids' introduction to punk has been via the top 40 since the early 1990s, the entire aesthetic has been completely off for some time - 90% lousy slick ill-conceived edgeless stuff and 9% formulaic cookie cutter fare (7% retro 1970s nostalgia, 2% 1980s hardcore nostalgia). But there is that slippery one percent of kids that somehow hit the mark despite their unfortunate timing for a punk band - and they do so because their sound shows familiarity with, understanding of, and enthusiasm for the classics, yet also tastefully combines this special knowledge with contemporary influences. I don't think it's intentional, but occasionally, a group of kids possess a uniquely superb sensibility. Be Your Own Pet belongs to this one percent. These four teenage high-school dropouts from Nashville rock out hard and fast and their short sweet numbers definitely show that they get what's so great about The Stooges, Black Flag, and The Ramones, but still, they're contemporary enough to get compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (but so would X-Ray Specs if they were around today). Be Your Own Pet's sound is definitely one of the most spastic and abrasive to somehow remain poppy. While they of course have been hyped in Europe for sometime, it looks like the buzz is following its traditional drift to the states the last month or so. But they're not officially selling out to the big leagues yet. They also just signed up for what's quickly turning into a label with one of the best label rosters going - Ecstatic Peace. The other side of that coin is that Ecstatic Peace just inked a deal with Universal. I'll leave the subsidiary argument to the pros so I don't get diverted from the point of this recommendation - this band rocks, go see 'em.



Wildcat MP3
Bunk Trunk Skunk MP3
We Will Vacation You Can Be My Parasol MP3

"Damn Damn Leash" Real Movie
"Let's Get Sandy" Real Movie


Be Your Own Pet Official Page
Be Your Own Pet Myspace Page
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Zappa plays Zappa: Dweezil Zappa, Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock – Beacon Theater $40
Buzzcocks, The Adored, The Choke - Irving Plaza $20
CINC: Ken Vandermark, Paul Lytton, Philipp Wachsmann – Tonic $15
Only Son, Lucas Crane Vs Nonhorse, Picastro, Jesse Sparhawk – Cake Shop $6
Reverend Vince and His Love Choir - Black Betty FREE
The Roulette Sisters - Barbes

The Starlight Mints, dios (malos), The Octopus Project - Bowery Ballroom $13/$15







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