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December 20o6
12:22: Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit, Clockcleaner/Used To be Women, Color TV, Scotty Karate, Home
House of Hearts Benefit: Corridors, D Charles Speer, Mouthus, Charter One, Uncle Woody, Mattallama, Zachary Cale, Electroputas, Castanets
12:19: Chris Leo/Vague Angels, Tigers and Monkies

12:18: Martin Bisi and the End Credits
12:14: Lou Reed performs Berlin
12:13: The Ex, Aloha, DJ Rupture
12:12: Bellmer Dolls, Fresh Kills, Falcon and the Snowman, Dmonstrations


November 2006
11:20: Awesome Color, Imaginary Icons, Human Eye, Coach Fingers
11:17: No Neck Blues Band, Psychic Ills, Volcano the Bear
11:16: Puddin’ Tang, Demolition Doll Rods, Love Cinema Vol 6, Kickstart, Motion Picture Demise
11:14: Bogan Dust, Invisible Conga People, Hundred Eyes, Woman
11:13: Plastic People of the Universe, Gary Lucas & Gods & Monsters
11:09: Les Georges Leningrad, Dutchess, The Husbands, The Makes Nice
11:07: The Baby Shakes, Headache City, CoCoComa, Ghetto Ways
11:06: Finally Punk


October 2006
10:28: Moon and Moon, MC Trachiotomy w/Lefty Parker and Microshards, Lycaon Pictus, Health
10:27: Prurient, Mouthus, Air Conditioning
10:26: Spank Rock, Rod Lee, The Epochs
10:25: Standing Nudes, Dame Satan, Anorak
10:24: Titan, Suishou No Fune, Malkuth
10:23: Precious Metal: Sahra Motalebi, Yoshiko Ohara
10:17: Mt Eerie aka the Microphones, Calvin Johnson, Karl Blau, D+
10:16: Mahotella Queens
10:13: Last CBGB weekend ever: Fri: Dictators, Sic F*cks, Bullys / Sat:The Dictators, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein accoustic, The Waldos / Sun: Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, Tony Shanahan
10:12: Bardo Pond, LSD March, Masami Kawaguchi's New Rock Syndicate
10:11: Andre Williams, A-Bones, The Great Gaylord
10:9 - 10:10: The original Bad Brains
10:06: Peter Brotzmann / Han Bennink
10:05: Wolf Eyes, John Weise
10:04: Beastie Boys ASPCA Benefit, Grand Ma, Reno Bo, Wild Bee, Bad Wizard, Some Action, Moisturizer, Zs, etc.
10:03: Charlie Louvin


September 2006
09:03: Spank Rock, Gang Gang Dance, Shy Child, THE CRAMPS
09:02: Japanese New Music Festival: Seikazoku, Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Shrinp Wark, Zoffy, Ruins Alone, RonRuins, Akaten, Zubi Zuba X
09:01: The Occasion, Lemonade, Stay High

August 2006
08:31:2006: S-S-S-Spectres, Roxy Pain, Discovery, Falcon and the Snowman
08:30:2006: Breakup Breakdown, Moto:Rosa, Other Passengers, Damon McMahon
08:29:2006: Dinosaur Jr., Mouthus, Blood on the Wall
08:26:2006: Oneida, Black Dice, The Double, Blood on the Wall, Damon McMahon, Flipper, Skeleton Boy, Red Sparowes
08:25:2006: Curtains, Ted Leo, Eyestek
08:24:2006: Flipper
Oscar Peterson v Randy Weston
08:21:2006: Ian Svenonius & Calvin Johnson
08:20:2006: Archie Bell and Mighty Hannibal, The Dansettes, The Fabulous Soul Shakers
08:19:2006: Holy Hail, The Boggs, Color Scheme, Apache Heat
08:18:2006: Jack Martin
08:17:2006: Antibalas
08:16:2006: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
08:15:2006: “Pickup on South Street”
08:14:2006: The Carlos Lezama Caribbean Music Carnival and Reggae Sunsplash: The Mighty Sparrow (The "King of Calypso"), Toots and the Maytals, Maxi Priest, Third World, and Rik Rok!
08:13:2006: Talvin Singh, Asha Puthli and special guests: Dewey Redman, Guru, Solar & DJ Doo Wop, Prefuse 73, Outernational Curated by DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
08:12:2006: Soul to Soul (Benefit or the New Orleans' Musicians Clinic): Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indians, Irma Thomas, Hot 8 Brass Band, and the Movers and Shakers
08:11:2006: Lincoln Center Out of Doors: Dr. L. Subramaniam, Nii Tettey Tetteh & the Kusun Ensemble

08:10:2006: Spiegeltent: Diamanda Galas
08:09:2006: The Flying Luttenbachers, Blind Idiot God
08:08:2006: Red Krayola
08:07:2006: LL Cool J
08:05:2006: Spank Rock, Japanther, Zs, This Bike Is A Pipebomb, High Places, Dan Deacon, Necking, Parts and Labor, Bucks and Gallants, Lexie Mountain, Lidia Stone
08:04:2006: Awesome Color, The Woods, The Suckers
08:03:2006: Professor Murder Record Release, Free Blood, DJ Caps and Jones, The Meters, Bill Frisell, Morrison and Woodring, The Moonlighters, Hippiefest w/ Mitch Rider and Mountain
08:02:2006: Red Krayola, Mighty Flashlight, White Magic
08:01:2006: Awesome Cool Dudes cancellation...Diamond Caverns, Mouth of Leaves and the Daughters Humans, Nymph, Meadows


July 2006
07:31:2006: Gnarls Biggie
07:29:2006: Hopewell, Grand Mal, Grey Does Matter, Anthems for Odyssey
07:28:2006: Dot Dash Year IV: The Alarm Clocks!, The Cynics, The Original Sins, The Hentchmen, Terpentine Brothers

07:27:2006: Dot Dash Year IV: The Dicks, Marked Men, Carbonas, Pissed Jesus, Live Fast Die
07:26:2006: The Dicks, Int'l Shades, Cold Crush Brothers
07:25:2006: The New York Dolls
07:24:2006: Konono No.1

07:23:2006: Maldita Vecindad, Konono No. 1, Daara

07:22:2006: Jonathan Kane's February, Home, Taiko Masala, Dragons of Zynth, Peaches, Eagles of Death Metal , Moisturizer, Roughstars, Apsci, Love Mas

07:21:2006: Os Mutantes, The Death Vessel

07:20:2006: Vetiver, Psychic Ills, Citay

07:19:2006: Johnny Pacheco y Su Tumboa, Tabou Combo

07:18:2006: Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio
07:16:2006: Dead Meadow, The Slip, Mobius Band, Psychic Ills
07:15:2006: Black Merda and special guest Fugi
07:14:2006: Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, The Dead Science
07:13:2006: Yo La Tengo, Samara Lubelski, Oneida
07:12:2006: Doug E Fresh, Brucie B
07:11:2006: Dabrye, Percee P
07:09:2006: Stu Spasm, First Twilight Congress, Static Static, Stay High, Falcon and the Snowman
07:08:2006: Yura Yura Teikoku, Coptic Light / Hakim, The Lion of Egypt and his Egyptian Orchestra
07:07:2006: Electroputas, Messages / White Magic, Juana Molina, Mike Wexler
07:06:2006: Six Organs of Admittance, Immaculate Machine

07:05:2006: Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates
07:04:2006: July 4th Rooftop Action with The Occasion and many more
07:03:2006: Reverend Vince Anderson and His Love Choir


June 2006
06:30:2006: TV on the Radio
06:29:2006: Jose Gonzalez, Juana Molina, Psapp
06:28:2006:Yuka Honda & Petra Haden, Miho Hatori
06:27:2006: Measles Mumps Rubella
06:24:2006: Liars, The Apes
06:23:2006: Benefit for Arthur Lee
06:22:2006: Erase Errata
06:21:2006: Brightblack Morning Light, Espers
06:20:2006: Blue Cheer
06:19:2006: Legendary Pink Dots
06:16:2006 Country Teasers, Young People, Magik Markers, Lambsbread, S-S-S-Spectres
06:15:2006: Country Teasers, Excepter, Pteradactyl, Maceo, Vision Fest...
06:14:2006: Vision Festival XI: Sam Rivers, etc.
06:13:2006: Sonic Youth, Tall Firs

06:12:2006: Be Your Own Pet
06:09:2006: Glass Candy, The Chromatics
06:08:2006 Bardo Pond
06:07:2006 Metallic Falcons, Kid Congo Powers
06:06:2006 Nicole Atkins & The Sea
06:05:2006 Nick Gerrie
06:02:2006 The Fall, Vietnam, Grand Mal, Measles Mumps Rubella, Fresh Kills, Telepathe, White Magic, Fred Frith and Yuka Honda, Coco Rosie
06:01:2006 The Fall


May 2006
05:24:06 Taj Mahal Trio
05:23:06 Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins & Tom Rainey
05:22:06 Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown, Beirut
05:20:06 Glasshouse's last stand with Clockcleaner, Awesome Color, Imaginary Icons, Spider Bags
05:19:06 Old Time Relijun, Green Milk From Planet Orange
05:18:06 David Dove, Chris Cogburn, Juan Garcia, Maria Chavez
05:17:06 Christian Marclay, Elliott Sharp, Okkyung Lee
05:16:06 Jim O'Rourke
05:15:06 KEXP Live Broadcasts - Gigantic Studios
05:14:06 Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn
05:13:06 Danielson, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Jeffrey Lewis, Cheyenne
05:12:06 The Old Haunts, Poor Boy Johnson, The Goddamn Rattlesnake, Big Fun
05:11:06 The Concretes, Bill Cosby and His White Pudding Pops, Cause Co-Motion, The Woods, S-S-S-Spectres
05:10:06 Thurston Moore and Special Guests
05:09:06 McCoy Tyner Trio with Savion Glover
05:08:06 Telepathe, The Magic Carpathians, Effi Briest
05:05:06 Black Lips, Soldiers of Fortune, Mountains of Mattalama
05:04:06 Feathers, Artanker Convoy,Currituck County,Standing Nudes
05:03:06 We Jam Econo: The Story of The Minutemen
05:02:06 Misha Mengelberg, Ikue Mori
05:01:06 Mt. Eerie, Thanksgiving, Jason Anderson


April 2006
04:29:06 Spank Rock, OM, Growing, Pearls & Brass, Neptune, Wooden Wand
04:28:06 Little Annie with Paul Wallfisch and the 88s
04:27:06 Night of a 1000 Pixies: 33 1:3 Release Party for Doolittle by Ben Sisario
04:21:06 Awesome Color, Home, The Believers, Scotty Karate
04:20:06 Big Bear, Michael Columbia, Knife Skills, More Teeth, Ecstatic Sunshine
04:19:06 Acid Mother's Temple, Fiery Furnaces, Vietnam
04:18:06 Thomas Mapfumo & the Black Unlimiteds
04:17:06 Int'l Shades, Doug McCombs, Chris Brokaw and Elliott Dicks, Alan Licht and the Prix
04:14:06 Gris Gris, Lubricated Goat, Ralph Stanley, n0 Things, Eleventh Dream Day, Antietam, Upper Crust
04:13:06 Vaz, Crystal Cock Over Canada aka Life Partners, Hundred Eyes
04:12:06 Gogol Bordello
04:11:06 Susquehanna Industrial Tool and Die Co.
04:10:06 Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion, The Anabolics, Pyradical, Inner Princess, Luff
04:09:06 Marcellus Hall, Tigers and Monkeys
04:07:06 Blowfly, Prince Paul & Mister Dead, Grand Buffet, Despot, Free Blood, Freddie Mas, etc
04:06:06 Steve Mackay and Radon Ensemble, Death By a Thousand Cuts, Moth, Jazzhandzz
04:05:06 Burning Spear
04:04:06 Slavic Soul Party
04:03:06 Reverend Vince Anderson and His Love Choir


March 2006
03:30:06 Grand Mal, Vietnam, Damon McMahon, The Silent League, Twilight
03:29:06 USAISAMONSTER, Privacy, Awesome Color, Adrian Orange, Watery Graves, Thanksgiving
03:28:06 Cinemechanica, The Deathset, Show Me the Pink, The Stabs
03:27:06 Th' Faith Healers, Fresh Kills
03:24:06 Love is All, Cause Co-Motion!
03:23:06 The Gift: William Hooker,Roy Campbell Jr & Jason Hwang
03:22:06 Jackie O Motherfucker, Sir Richard Bishop, Bunnybrains
03:14:06 A.R.E. Weapons, The Mr. Move, Tara Delong, Moisturizer, DJ trztn
03:13:06 Reverend Vince Anderson and His Love Choir
03:10:06 Mi and L'au, Samara Lubelski, Black Dice, White Magic, WIZARDZZ, Pterodactyl, BIG A little a, etc
03:09:06 Mike Ladd, Blood on the Wall, The Boggs, Rogers Sisters, Celebration, Jon Langford
03:08:06 n0 things, Knife Skills, the Good Good
03:07:06 Andrea Parkins and Christian Marclay Duo plus Shahzad Ismaily
03:06:06 GoGoGo Airheart, The Jai Alai Savant, Subtitle


February 2006
02:28:06 Artanker Convoy
02:27:06 Anna Kramer, A Fir-Ju Well
02:26:06 Moistboyz
02:25:06 Grand Mal, Weird War
02:24:06 Bush Tetra's, Int'l Shades
02:23:06 Brother Reverend, A Fir-Ju Well, Selmanaires, etc
02:22:06 Bloody Panda
02:16:06 Thalia Zedek, Town and Country, The Like, Nethers, Ensemble Dissonanzen with Marc Ribot, etc
02:15:06 Rusty Santos, Gang Gang Dance, Be Your Own Pet, Detachment Kit, Cake Bake Betty , etc
02:14:06 Diamanda Galas, The O’Jays, Syd Straw Heartwreck Show, Asylum Street Spankers, etc
02:13:06 Lee Scratch Perry, Kyp Malone, Vic Chesnutt, David Bazan, Mark Eitzel, Will Johnson, etc
02:10:06 Gary Lucas, Mission of Burma, Battles, Shy Child, Parts & Labor, Child Abuse, Jimmy Scott, etc
02:09:06 The Drones, Mike Wexler, The End of the World, In the Country w:Marc Ribot and Lars Horntveth,
02:08:06 Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch, Cecil Taylor plus 2:3 AHA, Tremolo of Joy, etc
02:06:06 Beans, Stiffd, Low, His Name is Alive, The Moonlighters, Steve Shiffman & The Land of No, etc
02:05:06 Picastro, Espers, PG Six, Talibam!, The Bemus Point, Lance Romance, Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio, etc
02:04:06 Pamela Des Barres, Calla, The Boggs, William Hooker, Roger Miller, Electroputas, etc.
02:04:06 Glenn Branca: Hallucination City: Symphony 13 for 100 Guitars
02:03:06 Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors, Kyp Malone, n0 things, Eystek, Big Bear, Dirty Projectors, Aa,
02:02:06 Beans, Holy Fuck, Soft Circle, Lexie Mountain, Sandcats, G Lucas Crane Vs Non-Horse, etc
02:01:06 Masada String Trio, Love as Laughter, Miguel Mendez, Favourite Sons, TK Webb, etc


January 2006
01:31:06 Original Broadway Cast of Hair, Langhorne Slim, Nicole Atkins & The Sea, etc
01:30:06 Capillary Action, Hi Red Center, The Fugue, Turpentine Brothers, The Two Tears, etc.
01:29:06 Moisturizer, Excepter, Stefan Tcherepnin, William Parker, Beat Circus, etc
01:28:06 Black Dice, Gang Gang Dance, Bill Cosby and His White Pudding Pops
01:27:06 World:Inferno Friendship Society, Other Dimensions in Music, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, etc
01:26:06 MF Doom, William Parker Pyramid Trio, Raining on the Moon, Rashied Ali Quintet, Hopewell, etc
01:25:06 Barbez, Shindig Party, William Parker w:Daniel Carter and Hamid Drake, etc
01:24:06 William Parker w: Rob Brown, Lewis Barnes, and Hamid Drake, Calexico, etc
01:23:06 Antiballas Afrobeat Orchestra, Burnt Sugar, etc


December 2005
12:18:05 Yoshida Tatsuya Festival (12:18-24)
12:16:05 AIDS Wolf, We Are Wolves,Deerhunter, Neptune, The Fugue, Big Bear, Bellmer Dolls, etc
12:10:05 The Germs, The Magik Markers
12:10:05 No Neck Blues Band, Excepter, Pigeons
12:07:05 The Deadly Snakes
12:05:05 Lucky Dragons, Telepathe, Growing, Sleepy Doug Shaw
12:04:05 Cannibal Ox, C-Rayz Walz, The Reavers
12:02:05 Blood on the Wall, Psychic Ills, Morning Theft


November 2005
11:19:05 Services
11:16:05 The Chromatics
11:18:05 Dr. Israel and Dreadtone International Record Release w:Dub Trio, Apollo Heights, Brujeros
11:12:05 Quintron & Ms Pussycat
11:12:05 Magik Markers, GoGoGo Airheart, Metalux, Prurient:Thurston Moore, Electric Kulintang
11:04:05 Psychic Ills, Electroputas, Indian Jewelry, Mazing Vids, Excepter
11:04:05 The Latest, The Turpentine Brothers
11:03:05 Whitehouse, Thurston Moore


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