Nov 13 - 19, 2006



November 16

Puddin’ Tang, Demolition Doll Rods, Love Cinema Vol 6, Kickstart, Motion Picture Demise – Trash Bar $10

I must’ve seen Demolition Doll Rods at least half-a-dozen times over what seems to be by now over a dozen years of round and round. Since The Gories are always cited as the fathers of the contemporary Motor City scene, you probably oughtta throw the Rods some respect as well as they were tirelessly keepin’ it going during slimmer years when Jack White was but a Goober and all the rest of us got from that burg was the clap and The Go. Anyhow, not only do I need to venture out and see what kind of thinly clad dirty Velveteen R&B they’re dishing out these days, but another fine reason to hit the Grand Street pseudo-strip tonight is the return of one of my favorite new local bands, Puddin’ Tang. Though fresh, the Tang members are all scene vets who’se punim’s you’ll recognize not only ‘cause they’re all three longstanding upstanding folks about the town, but also ‘cause they’ve been in bands from around the way like The Rondelles, The Witnesses, and Tarot Bolero. Tang’s post-punk trio ruckus is perhaps worst described as a more booty-ful early Fall playing Grand Funk, Foghat, and Golden Earring anthems with Southern style twangy vocals with a Jackson Five-ish back and forth and an X-ish sense of guy/gal off-kilter harmony. OK, my bad. Don’t bother. Let’s just say its funky and unique and deliberately devised to stick in yr Jewfro-coated skull.

BTW... I don't know how I overlooked it but.. that is in fact THE authentic Stiff Records' Wreckless Eric at Tonic tonight!



Alec Stephen, Snow, Essie Jain - Pete's Candy Store FREE
Bob Dylan, the Raconteurs – Continental Airlines Arena
Botanica, Edison Woods - Joe's Pub $12
Chris Garneau, Drew Victor and We Are Beautiful, Cameron Hull – Union Pool
Domestic Mosquitos, Aron Guy – Goodbye Blue Monday
Ecstatic Sunshine - Cake Shop Records Free
Make Believe, Ecstatic Sunshine, Limbs - Northsix $10
Pudd’n Tang, Demolition Dollrods, Love Cinema Vol 6, Kickstart, Motion Picture Demise – Trash
Shortstack, Blood Feathers - Europa $10
Sonic Soliloquies :. by way of . – The Stone 10PM $10
Superchunk, Clem Snide, Upper Crust, The Mountain Goats - Irving Plaza $30
The Beth Custer Ensemble New York – The Stone 8PM $10
The Marina, Luke Temple, Frances, Vampire Weekend – Cake Shop $6
Twilight Singers, Stars of Track and Field, Mighty Fine - Warsaw $21
Wreckless Eric - Tonic 10:30PM $10







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