April 1 , 2006

Issue IV:
Escape from NY
White Hassle,SXSW,
and Mardi Gras


05/01 - 05/07, 2006






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Friday May 5, 2006


Black Lips, Soldiers of Fortune, Mountains of Mattalama – Place (Todd P) $8

The Black Lips are always in town – and that’s always a reason to celebrate. This time The Yeah Yeah Yeahs brought 'em in to open their Roseland shows. And with good reason - this Atlanta Quartet is one of the best and hardest working bands in showbiz. One of Greg Shaw’s final discoveries, when I first saw them in Siberia’s basement a few years ago, I couldn’t see what the hubub was all about - they were pretty much like any other band except that they were perhaps a little drunker, more energetic, and… more naked than most. Quite a bit has changed since then. The Lips, for their last two records, have climbed to the top of their game - ascending further in further into what they call “Flower Punk” – which is actually something that’ll remind you of early Love, The Elevators sans jug, The Seeds, The Count Five, and all of that other good stuff that helped give birth the psychedelic sound but was still rooted in two-dimensional frat rock, or what we call garage. It was the sound of incomplete transformation - the sound of bands growing their hair out but not yet at their destination. 1966 was an great transitional year in American music simply because the bands were more creative, ambitious, and interesting than the year before yet rocked harder, had more butt, and had more compact song structure than they would the next year. So, like the class of 1966, as opposed to the class of 1965, what sets The Black Lips apart from the rest of the garagesters is their willingness to experiment and their melodicism - plus it doesn't hurt that they write better songs. To put it more simply, they rock…

Soldiers of Fortune are a local supergroup of sorts with Brad Truax of Home and Jah Division, Kid Millions of Oneida, Papa Crazee of Oakley Hall, ex-Oneida, Main Drag, Barry London of Knoxville Girls, and Mikey Bones. Mountains of Mattalama open.


Feathers “To Each Its Own” MP3

Artanker Convoy "Alaska" MP3 , "Crown Vic" Video MP4 (zip)

Currituck County, “One Too Many Comforts” MP3

Standing Nudes, “Fight Song” Mp3


El Ten Eleven, Pretendo - Northsix $10
Fisherman Plays The Vibes, Harvest Moon – Magnetic Field
Isis, Dalek – Avalon $13
Misha Mengelberg, Brad Jones, George Lewis – The Stone $10
Modey Lemon, The Victoria Lucas - Rothko $10
The Punks, Talibam, Imaginary People – Goodbye Blue Monday (Todd P) $6
White Rabbit, Gregory & The Hawk, Spider, Paper and Sand - Cake Shop $7


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