Nov 6 - 12, 2006



November 9

Les Georges Leningrad, Dutchess, The Husbands, The Makes Nice - Knitting Factory Main Stage $10/$12

Folks never fail to approach the DJ booth to find out the name of the band when I play songs from Les Georges Leningrad’s latest full-length masterpiece, Sangue Puro (you can check out my review of it here). The mind-blowing and bizarre French Canadian trio is one of the few bands from the post-punk revival of yore that continues to expand, explore, and improve with the trickle of time. While their path is ever more sonically adventurous, musically complex, electronically screwed up, and disorientatingly eclectic, they’re catchier and more danceable than ever. For some reason I’ve never got a chance to see these folks play but understand it’s all this and more. Like me you should refuse to miss it.


Alec K. Refearn, Vialka,Chuck Bettis, Ron Anderson/PAK – Cake Shop $6
Jessica Feldman/Kabir Carter – The Stone 10PM $10
Les Savy Fav, The Big Sleep, Matt & Kim - E&L Auditorium (NYU) $6/$8
Liz Phillips and Friends – ISSUE Project Room $10
Lucero, Rocky Votolato, William Elliot Whitmore - Maxwell's $12
Now It's Overhead, Unlove - Northsix $10
O'Death, Thanksgiving, Crude, Po Boy Johnson, Puttin' on the Ritz - Uncle Paulie's ( $6
Primus - Roseland Ballroom $42
Randy Nordschow—Blanket or Ceiling – The Stone 8PM $10
Wingdale Community Singers, Pinata Land, The Last Car – Tonic $8







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