June 19 - 25, 2006




June 24, 2006

Liars, The Apes - Warsaw $15

Since folks've been giving Liars eulogies since 2004’s brilliant and divisive They Were Wrong So We Drowned, which gave me even more respect for the band, I’ve been quite thrilled with the Cinderella story of Drums Not Dead – their finest album to date and one of the year’s best. Their success is even sweeter because they continue to ride in their own maverick direction, letting everyone else eat their dust. Drums Not Dead is a powerful trance-inducing collection that prominently features gigantic tribal percussion, the swarming hum of the didgeridoo, Gregorian chanting, and ectoplasmic drones - without ever coming off as gimmicky or overdone. While I’m have no idea whether or they’ll lug along the exotic instruments and project the videos that are included with the new album, and I haven’t seen Liars since the old lineup that featured a different rhythm section that’s gone on to become two-thirds of n0-things, I can’t see the band putting on a show that will be anything less than sweaty and goosebump-inducing. With DC's Apes, and, if you go on Monday, you'll find the same bill with the addition of the legendary Alan Vega.




"There's Always Room on the Broom"
Directed by Brett Snider and Billy Frederighi

"A Visit from Drum (By Your Side)"
DIALUP   BROADBAND | (Windows Media)
Directed by Kaliber16/Markus Wambsganss

"Drum & The Uncomfortable Can (Drum's not Bread)"
DIALUP   BROADBAND | (Windows Media)

"Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack (The Helix Aspersa)"
DIALUP   BROADBAND | (Windows Media)

"We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own"
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Quicktime Only

"There's Always Room On The Broom"
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Alex Lukashevsky, Final Fantasy – Tonic 8PM $10
Bruce Springsteen with the Seeger Sessions Band – PNC Bank Arts Center $92
Devotchka, Norfolk and Western, The Mendoza Line - Bowery Ballroom $14
Die Romantik, Susu, Other Passengers – Tonic 10PM $8
Final Fantasy, Alex Lukashevsky - Tonic $10 Other Passengers, SuSu, Die Romantik - Tonic $8
Grey Skull, Horse Spirit Penetrates , Home Blitz, Watersports – Micheline’s $6
Guitar Trips, Home Blitz, Grey Skull, Watersports, Horsespirit Penetrates – Micheline’s $6
Jutta Koether and Mark Solotroff With: Vegas Martyrs; Carlos Giffoni; Sleep Museum; DJ Pieter Schoolwerth – Lucky Cat
JVC Jazz Festival: A Salute to Cachao: The Master of Mambo – Carnegie Hall$35-$85
JVC Jazz Festival: Brazil Nights IV: Luciana Souza Brazilian Duos - Jazz Standard $30
Machito Orchestra - Lincoln Center, Josie Robertson Plaza
Miya Masaoka -The Stone 8 PM $10
Pandit Pran Nath 10th Anniversary Memorial Tribute. La Monte Young, voice; Marian Zazeela, voice; Jung Hee Choi, voice; Da'ud Constant, voice; Charles Curtis, cello Brad Catler, tabla; The Tamburas of Pandit Pran Nath from the Just Dreams CD – Mela Dream House $24
The Fabulous Entourage, Future in Plastics, Age Rings, Pink Noise -Lit $6
The Paper Chase, Elk City - Northsix $10 Mason Dixon, The Jealous Girlfriends, Snakes and Music, J Dimenna - Sin-e $10
The Plastic Constellations, Rahim, The Isles, Slowlands - Mercury Lounge $10
Turbo AC's, Angel City Outcasts, Whiskey Rebels, the Courtesy Tier, Blue Light - Knitting Factory Tap Bar $8
White Out -The Stone 10 PM $10
Willpilot, The Defectors, The Everyothers, The Avatars, The Bamboo Kids - Trash $8







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