December 1 , 2005

Kid Congo Powers
Issue, Pt. 1


The Deadly Snakes
Mercury Lounge 12/07
Piano's 12/08
Maxwell's 12/10

The Germs
The Magik Markers

The Continental 12/10


No Neck Blues Band
Syrup Room


12/01 - 12/14, 2005


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Three Deadly Snakes shows in one week. The first is with Austin pop band Voxtrot at the Mercury, the second is with fellow Ontarians Controller, Controller at Piano’s, and the final, and most recommended, is across the river at Maxwell’s with In the Red label-mates, Atlanta’s The Black Lips.

The Deadly Snakes have been around forever – originally one of the better yet most underrated bands of the “garage explosion.” In the 21st century they’ve continued to evolve – expanding their reach and honing their musical and compositional craft. 2003’s Ode to Joy, their uncommonly quirky and inventive take on blistering rock and roll, appears in hindsight to be the band’s garage swan song. Their most recent offering Porcella (2005, read NYNT review), while not entirely departing from their path, was a radical move into a variety of unexpected directions. The dark sarcasm of the earlier releases is more pronounced and this time in an almost literary fashion. The horns and organs that colored the Snake’s sound and helped distinguish them from their contemporaries have recently become an even more integral part of the songs. I don’t know how they will pull all of this off their new sophisticated arrangements live but have complete faith in them.

It’s a typical injustice that these guys, after so many solid releases and tours, are still an opening act (and their sole headlining show is at the Piano’s?). I have no idea why they’re not doing Brooklyn– as that’s clearly where they will find their peeps. Without a doubt they could get on a variety of cool shows. This booking decision makes me wonder whether the incongruity between this band’s greatness and their popularity deficit is due more to mishandling than anything else.

Here’s your chance to check out one of the best bands there is before they get everything that’s coming to them. Catch ya at Piano’s… dude...



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