Nov 6 - 12, 2006



November 7

The Baby Shakes, Headache City, CoCoComa, Ghetto Ways - Trash $7

Yee-haw! Headache City's finally found their way to our humble burg. For those of you who don't know, HC is a Windy City supergroup of sorts with Texas punk guitarist legend Dave Head of The Motards, his former White-Outs bandmate Mike Fitzpatrick, Lisa Roe of Mike’s other band Cococoma, and Shit Sandwich Records CEO Norah Utley. Check out my review or their LP here. Headache City play solid tunes that, while not the quite the garage rock you'd expect from this bunch, still definitely come from that end of the universe - think of earlier Fall or Modern Lovers. A subtle creeper of a band. Cococoma, featuring HC's Lisa and Mike, on the other hand, are pure unadulterated garage punk at its most driving. I should also say more (and more frequently) about The Baby Shakes, three toothsome New York gals who've been rocking catchy party anthems with style, class, and relentless abandon from a Muffs/Ramones/Shangri Las perspective for some time. And Ghetto Ways, the only band here not releasing records on the Shit Sandwich imprint, is also one of the finest and most immediate raw r'n'r outfits from this corner of Brooklyn. Hats off to Tom from Dot-Dash ahead of time for yet another winner.



Antlers – Cake Shop 8PM $5
Crude, Spectre Flux – Cake Shop 10PM $5
Donkey – The Stone – 10PM $10
George Lewis, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld and Miya Masaoka – The Stone 8PM $10
Ian Love, Michael Leviton, Gabe Kahane - Tonic $8
Les Savy Fav - MoMA $11/$18
Pretty Girls Make Graves, Moonrats, Night Canopy - Northsix $12
The Beautiful South - Irving Plaza $35
Voxtrot, Mahogany, The Ballet - Bowery Ballroom $15
Women and Children, Hand - Europa $8






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