July 17 - July 23, 2006




July 20, 2006

Vetiver, Psychic Ills, Citay - Tonic 8PM $12

If you wanna see how things are progressing with the new culltural movement that is still yet not aptly named, you may wanna poke yr head into Tonic tonight.

Vetiver, who I witnessed sweating up a storm in the unventilated Brooklyn Fireproof space last night, somehow managed to make good nonetheless. Andy Cabic and his crew, intimately playing at an extraordinarily low volume, soulfully unfolded some delicate songs with pretty harmony vocals and strings. The best parts were when the band let loose and free - particularly when Espers star drummer Otto Hauser kicked everything into gear

Citay is Piano Magic’s Ezra Feinberg and the Fucking Champs’ Tim Greene (remember, Nation of Ulysses!). Greene’s been doing amazing studio work of late – particularly his recording of Six Organs of Admittance. Their new softer 1970s AM rock project distinguishes itself from a lot of the other the newer folky stuff by being post-rockish and generally, as you may imagine with these two… proggy.

But, all and all, you know my pick is hometown gyros Psychic Ills, who really have nothing at all to do with this bill or this movement. Sunday they managed to get their hurricane fighter plane into gear early on - in a giant billyburg cement pond reflecting and refracting the afternoon sun and hundred-degree heat all over everybody. They played almost all new material, stellar new tunes. I felt like I was in the middle of a bootleg Brooklyn version of Pink Floyd live at Pompeii.



Psychic Ills, "January Rain" MP3
Psychic Ills, "Another Day Another Night" MP4 Video
Citay, Vinter MP3
Citay, "Nice Cuffs" MP3
Vetiver, entire new album, To Find Me Gone, streamed

Diplo, CSS, Bonde do Role - Warsaw $20
Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio – Jazz Standard $20
Handsome Family, Curt Kirkwood, Frank Bango - Mercury Lounge $15
Henry Threadgill's Zooid – Iridium $30
Josh Rouse - Castle Clinton FREE
Reggaeton/Hip Hop with Urban Box Office and Sano-In – El Museo de Barrio
Shorebirds, Monsters Are Waiting - Pianos
Secretary w/visuals by Yuko Sueta - Sputnik $5
The Persuasions - Herbert Von King Park (Brooklyn) FREE
Xavier Rudd, Ane Brun - Bowery Ballroom $15







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