August 28 -
September 3, 2006




August 31


S-S-S-Spectres, Roxy Pain, Discovery, Falcon and the Snowman - Cake Shop $6

Quit complaining about the lack of a real underground now that indie rock is big business, noise bands have publicists, and the CPA next door just discovered your favorite record on Pitchfork and bought it at Insound. Tonight’s Cake Shop bill features 100% pure unadulterated good guys who’ve been toiling down below for years – all still keeping it real. S-S-S-Spectres are a secret Texas yankee supergroup in the mind of specialists such as myself. Their bouncy dissonance, humor, and heartfelt collective trio sweat gets mightier and more effective each time I see ‘em. And, while I don’t hesitate to strongly recommend Roxy Pain, I’m a bit careful to describe them because you really have no idea what kind of thing they’ll pull out – masked, unmasked, a big bonfire of an instrumental suite you’ve never heard, a few short smoking campfires. What I do know is that they’re one of the most unpredictable and underappreciated bands in New York’s subterrain. I still haven’t got a chance to discover Discovery. But, if I were you, I’d get there early to check out the uncommonly heavy, intense, and imaginative hard rock anthems of another Texas yankee band, the latest power-duo explosion in town Falcon and the Snowman.

Also, a couple more quick tips… Somewhere along the way you also have a chance to pop into Monkey Town to check out the men about town that make up Stay High in two performances with Lemonade and Fdatris Troom. And, if you look closely, at Tonic you’ll find a rare appearance by Martin Bisi, who’s not only the unseen studio hand behind everybody from Afrika Bambaataa to Sonic Youth to Bootsy Collins to Brian Eno (and of course his seminal work with Bill Laswell and John Zorn), is a fine solo artist in his own right.


Asobi Seksu, Say Hi To Your Mom, Cassettes Won't Listen - Maxwell's $8
Diamanda Galas - Spiegeltent, South Street Seaport, Pier 17 6PM $30
Ellen Aillen and Apparat: Orchestra of Bubbles - Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel $8
Final Fantasy, Bob Wiseman, Arbor Day - Mercury Lounge $10
Jamie Lidell and Outernational - Rocks Off Concert Cruises $25/$30
Jarrod Scharf & The Royals, Beast of Eden, The Rosewood Thieves, Object - Fontana's $5
Martin Baumgartner, Ikue Mori and DJ Olive – ISSUE Project Room
Peter Apfelbaum / Abdoulaye Diabate Duo – The Stone 8PM $10
Peter Apfelbaum Trio – The Stone 10PM $10
Spielerfrau, Phonograph, Martin Bisi – Tonic $8
Stay High, Lemonade, Fdaris Troom - Monkeytown 7:30 and 10PM $5






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