December 2006




12/13/2006: DOWN AT THE ROCKandROLL CLUB....

The Ex back in the day kicking it to the old-school

The Ex, Aloha, DJ Rupture - Knitting Factory Main Space $12

OK, I know this one's kind of obvious, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many other bands from the punk spectrum that are still making challenging culturally relevant music over a quarter-century into the game. This Dutch politically conscious art collective/band have never stopped expanding their experimenting way beyond the usual realms - incorporating an infinity of regional musics and genres into their highly distinct and energetic sound. A strong argument against cynicism towards aging rockers, role-models for anyone thinking of the possibilities of a different way of approaching countercultural music and lifestyles in the long-term, and an exception to most every rule. I wanna be just like The Ex when I grow up.

The recently reformed Ohio post-rock band Aloha, while a couple of decades younger than The Ex, is also aging well. Their latest, Some Echoes, though abandoning the trademark vibraphone, is their trippiest and, hence, the first one I've been enthusiastic about.

Finally, if you're into turntablism, Barcelona's DJ Rupture is worth the trip to Tribecca all by himself. Like The Ex, his reach exceeds all boundaries and his experimentation is rarely at the expense of the groove.

I also highly recommend the sparse and sexy funky instrumentals of Moisturizer at Black Betty, the wild and rickety train ride named Langhorne Slim at Northsix, and Todd P's The 8 Guys, 8 ' Bands', 15 Minute Sets, 2 Hours Tops , $5 Show at Rocky's. Finally, don't forget that, after your show, New York Night Train's free weekly hoodang at Motor City continues with The Butthole Surfers' DJ Gibby Haynes and myself spinning strictly psych... We rock 'til four...







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