December 11 - 31, 2006


Monday, December 11
Archer Prewitt Band, Angela Desveaux – Tonic $10
Comeuppance for the Lynch Mob-Advent Apocalypto – Goodbye Blue Monday
Dragons of Zynth, Elijah B. Torn - Fat Baby $7
Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers/The Alternate Routes $20
KRS One and premier of Wholetrain – S.O.B. $20/$22
Les Paul Trio – The Iridium $35
Precious Metal: December Aeternals, Diesel Theory, Everything’s Ruined – Lit $6
Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir – Black Betty FREE
Slink Moss Orchestra, Ronzilla the Santa Claus, Robbie Collins - Cake Shop
Taj Mahal Trio – Blue Note $35/$45
Yidcore – Northsix

Tuesday, December 12
Bill Baird, Lights, Dave Bryant & Clint Newsom, Gabe Duncan - Cake Shop $6
Bellmer Dolls, Fresh Kills, Falcon and the Snowman, Demonstrations – Fat Baby $5
Nanuchka, Vic Thrill, Actualities - Club Midway $8
Nicolai Dunger, Jim White, Collen Burke, Dylan Willemsa, Matt Sweenie, DJ Mikey Palms – Southpaw $10
Peter Walker & Jack Rose - Knitting Factory $10
Ryan Mackstaller Apostles of Light, Jeremy Udden Quartet – Goodbye Blue Monday
Selwyn Lissack with Brice Winston, Roy Campbell, William Parker – The Stone $15
Slavic Soul Party! – Barbes $10
Taj Mahal Trio – Blue Note $35/$45
The Cheap Dates, Wau Wau Sisters, Moi? – Union Pool
The Mingus Big Band – The Iridium $25
White Mice, demonstrations, PRINT, UltraBunny, Stay Fücked – Uncle Paulie’s (
White Mice, Dmonstrations, Print, UltraBunny, Stay Fucked - Uncle Paulie's
Wrikken, FS Blumm, Ivo Bol, Daniel Carter & Missy Mazzoli – Monkeytown $10 + $10 min

Wednesday, December 13
Beat Circus, Reverand Glasseye – Tonic 8PM $10
Grachan Moncur III with Michael Blake and James Spaulding – The Stone $15
Langhorne Slim, O'Death, Phonograph - Northsix $10
Logjam, D'Yan Forest, The Playboys of the Western World – Cake Shop $6
Moisturizer – Black Betty FREE
O-Fresh, Fur Cups for Teeth, Gold Streets, Tall Days - The Annex $7
Rasp Thorne, Sven Wechsler, Tin Man Shoe, Brett – Goodbye Blue Monday
Socket with Billy Martin, Eyvind Kang, Kato Hideki, Grant Calvin Weston, Shelley Hirsch & Shahzad Ismaily – Tonic 10PM $10
Taj Mahal Trio – Blue Note $35/$45
The Ex, Aloha, DJ Rupture - Knitting Factory Main Space $12/$12
The Octagon, Stay Fucked, Shaka Zulu Overdrive -Club Midway $8/$10
The Stalkers, Electric Shadows, The Butchers, Prowler - Fat Baby $7
Uke of Spaces Corners (Dan Impractical Cockpit), Rob Francisco (aka Billy Newman), Pink Fever (Don Impractical Cockpit) Colin Langenus (Colin USAISAMONSTER), Lazy Magnet (Jeremy Cousins), Eli Winograd (from Providence), Taber (Adam Buddyship) – Uncle Paulie’s ( $5

Thursday, December 14
Beat the Devil, Owls & Crows - Sin-e $8
Bone: Hugh Hopper, Nick Didkovsky, John Roulat – The Stone $15
Gwar, The Red Chord, Municipal Waste - Irving Plaza $22/$25
Hans Tammen and Third Eye Orchestra – Roulette $15
La Laque, Salt & Samovar, The Green Olive – Tonic $8
Lou Reed performs Berlin - St. Ann's Warehouse $65
POING, The New York Miniaturist Ensemble – ISSUE Project Room $10
Rad Unicorn, The Leader, Ne’er Do Evers – Goodbye Blue Monday
Right Rides Benefit: These Are Powers, Crash Diet Crew, High Places – Cake Shop $7
The Octagon, Stay Fucked, Shaka Zulu Overdrive – Club Midway $8
The Shapes, The Rinse Man In Gray, The Spies – Union Pool

Friday, December 15
Boss Tweed, Triple Hex, Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed & the True Loves – Union Pool
Chris Cutler and Fred Frith – The Stone 10PM $21/$20
Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Hugh Hopper – The Stone 8PM $21/$20
If/When, Shrine for the Black Madonna, Faith, Sankofa – Southpaw $8
Keala, Arose, Fuzzass, SOundscapes – Goodbye Blue Monday
Lake Trout, Cordero -Mercury Lounge $12
Lou Reed performs Berlin - St. Ann's Warehouse $65
Midnight POING featuring Maja Ratkje – Tonic $5
Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, Graveworm, Gwynbleidd, Cold Northern Vengeance, Hekseri - Northsix $15
NIME 8PM $12
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman – Roulette $15
The Art of Shooting, Proton Proton, Limbs, Ana Lola Roman, Butcherings - Syrup Room $5
The Ex, DJ Rupture, Arboretum - Maxwell's $12
The Lemonheads, Vietnam, Hymns -Irving Plaza $22.50
The Shorebirds, Wild Bee, Grand Mal, The Bloodsugars, Paleface - Cake Shop $7
To Live And Shave in LA - Europa $10
Wade Matthews and Friends – ISSUE Project Room $10

Saturday, December 16
Amir ziV's DROID – Tonic 10:30 PM $12
Bling Kong, Hair Supply, The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers – Northsix $15
Boys Noize, Crystal Castles, Foreign Islands - Studio B $7/$10
Chavez, Endless Boogie - Warsaw $15
Costanza – Tonic MIDNIGHT $5
Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, Chocolate Genius, The Honorary Title, Elysian Fields, Laura Cantrell, Heather Greene – Tonic $20
Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, Elysian Fields, Honorary Title, Chocolate Genius, Laura Cantrell - Abrons Art Center $20
Electric Kulintang: Susie Ibarra & Roberto Rodriguez – Tonic 8:30 PM
Ethan, Magic Zorillo, The Strange Walls, Electra Jet – Goodbye Blue Monday
Flaming Fire, Brian Dewan, Antonius Block, Khabarta, Matthew Thurber – Union Pool
Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson – The Stone $21/$20
Hi Speed Co-eds, Shadow Puppies – ISSUE Project Room $10
Joe Lally, The Shondes, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra - Lit $6
Joel Harrison – Roulette $15
Lou Reed performs Berlin - St. Ann's Warehouse $65
Matisyahu, Mr. Lif, The Coupe - Hammerstein Ballroom $32
Moto:Rosa, Right on Dynamite, Mistakes, Bellmer Dolls - Fontana's $8
Psychic Ills, Indian Jewelry, Telepathe - Knitting Factory Main Space $10/$12
Rasputina, Aberdeen City - Maxwell's $15
Room, Donkey Tail Spin - Bar on A FREE
The Atomic Bitchwax, Kreisor, The Brought Low, The Scrooges, Sons of Kyuss, Achylles - Club Midway $8/$10
The Coup, Mr Lif – BB King Blues Club $17
The Woods, Shopping, Ways, Jason Frederick - Cake Shop $6/$7
The Yams – Hank’s Saloon FREE
They Might Be Giants - Southpaw $25
Vic Thrill & the Saturn Missile, The Fabulous Entourage, Gaijin a Go-Go, Heloise & The Savoir Faire - Sin-e $10

Sunday, December 17
Care Bears On Fire, Toxic Muffin, Magnolia - The Hook
Frances, Rebecca Gates, Suckers – Tonic
Jim Staley, Ikue Mori & John Zorn – Roulette $15
Lou Reed performs Berlin - St. Ann's Warehouse $65
Matisyahu, Ben Kweller - Hammerstein Ballroom $32
Nat Baldwin, Julie Sokolow, King Egg, Tan and Boil - Cake Shop $6
Tim Hodgkinson and Chris Cutler – The Stone 10PM $21/$20
Tim Hodgkinson and Fred Frith – The Stone 8PM $21/$20
Unicornicopia, Toshi, Cementhead, Rastus Turncoat – Goodbye Blue Monday

Monday, December 18
Emergency Party, Longshanks, Shellshag – Goodbye Blue Monday
Freeze Tag, Ladystein, Stepwell, The Inlets – Cake Shop $6
Interactive Telecommunications Program Winter Show - Kanbar Institute of Film and Technology (721 Broadway, 4th Floor) 5PM FREE
Les Paul Trio – The Iridium $35
Macitajs on Acid, Sweetheart - Europa $10
Martin Bisi, Gena Mason, Kosmic Daydream – Club Midway $5
MC Lars, MC Frontalot - Mercury Lounge $12
Precious Metal: Hells Hills, Souvenir's Young America, Friendly Bears, Sentient - Lit
Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir – Black Betty FREE
Yasunao Tone w/Zeena Parkins - Experimental Intermedia (224 Centre St.) FREE

Tuesday, December 19
Bonnie Kane, Mambo Mantis, Ras Moshe Project, The Adam Lane Group – Goodbye Blue Monday
Chris Leo, Grimis, Susan Hurtuk - Cake Shop $6
Chris Leo/Vague Angels, Grimis, Tigers and Monkies – Cake Shop $6
House of Hearts Benefit: Mountains, Paul Duncan, Stars Like Fleas, Bear in Heaven, Soft Circle, Midnight Motion, Queens, Antelea - Europa $10
Maria Blondeel - Experimental Intermedia (224 Centre St.) FREE
Matisyahu, John Brown’s Body - Hammerstein Ballroom $32
Michael Moore, Rob Brown, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver – The Stone $10
Nanuchka, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, Scott Crawford, Matt Landis - Club Midway $8
Sean Lennon, Jim Noir - Bowery Ballroom $20/$22
Sephardic Music Festival: Dream Digging in Bar Yochai's Cave– Tonic $8
Slavic Soul Party! – Barbes $10

Wednesday, December 20
Action Action, Jonzetta, We Are The Fury - Knitting Factory $10/$12
House of Hearts Benefit: Corridors, D Charles Speer, Mouthus, Charter One, Uncle Woody, Mattallama, Zachary Cale, Electroputas, Castanets - Europa $10
Jaggery, Rebecca Moore with Prevention of Blindness, Edison Woods – Tonic $8
Jeremy Steinhouse, Walter Sickery and the Army of Broken Toys, Gifts from Enola – Goodbye Blue Monday
Michael Moore, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen – The Stone $10
The Nein, The Swedes, Astronaut - Cake Shop $6

Thursday, December 21
Daddy - Europa $8
Gogol Bordello – Irving Plaza $25
Griffin and the True Believers, Households, Locas in Love, Dan Fishback, Dave End – Cake shop $6
Hymns, The Coydogs, Matt Mays & El Torpedo, O Pioneers – Southpaw $8
Ivo Perelman, Dominic Duval, Newman Taylor Baker – The Stone 8PM
Ivo Perelman, Rosie Hertlein, Dominic Duval, Newman Taylor Baker – The Stone 10PM
Jim Noir - Soundfix Records
Missi St. Pierre, Alex Wing and F – Goodbye Blue Monday riends
Napalm Death, A Life Once Lost, Dead to Fall, Animosity, Arsis – Knitting Factory Main Space $22
Phill Niblock – Experimental Intermedia (224 Centre @ Grand)
Sex Mob & Roswell Rudd Holiday Spectacular– Tonic $15
The Red Romance, Inouk, Daylight's for the Birds - Mercury Lounge $10

Friday, December 22
Dearest – Goodbye Blue Monday
GlassLands Xmass Gala, Curated by Derek Stanton – Glasslands
Gold Sparkle Xmas Magic Show – Tonic 8PM $10
Heidi Mortenson – Tonic MIDNIGHT $5
Joelle Leandre and Kevin Norton – The Stone 8PM $15
Joelle Leandre, Marilyn Crispell, Mat Maneri, Roy Campbell – The Stone 10PM $15
Robert Dick, Reuben Rdding, Lukas Ligeti and Crescent Moon Trio, Kato Hideki, Marco Cappelli, Yumiko Tanaka – ISSUE Project Room $10
The Mooney Suzuki, The Pierces - Maxwell's $10
Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit, Clockcleaner $7
TK Webb - Europa $8
Tonearm – Tonic 10PM $8
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players... On Ice!, Reggie Watt - Knitting Factory $10
Treasures of the Sea’s “Farewell to Pluto” Swing Night – Union Pool

Saturday, December 23
2nd Annual Haitian Jazz Festival: Chardavoine, M. Widmaier, J. Omicil, B. Obas, R. Policard, J. Germain, Mozayik, G. Oriol, Altino Brothers. Hosted By Papa Jube & Wyclef Jean – Irving Plaza $125, $40, $65
Ivana XL, Barkuna, Lost Boy – Goodbye Blue Monday
Kurt Vile, War on Drugs – Tonic $8
Maria Chavez – ISSUE Project Room $10
Marilyn Crispell and Tisziji Munoz – The Stone 8PM $15
Marilyn Crispell, Tisziji Munoz, Don Pate, Bob 'Rakalam' Moses – The Stone 10PM $15
Stressboy – Cake Shop $

Sunday, December 24

Monday, December 25
Les Paul Trio – The Iridium $35
Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir – Black Betty FREE

Tuesday, December 26
Ayler Records Release Celebration: The Steve Swell Group with Hill Greene & Barry Altschul, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut's Finally! Total Unity with Luther Thomas – Tonic $10
Jeffrey Lewis Band, Schwervon! - Mercury Lounge $8
Raoul Bjorkenheim, William Parker, Hamid Drake – The Stone $15
Yellow Tears, Cathode Terror Secretion, Mouth To Mouth, Evan Louison – Goodbye Blue Monday

Wednesday, December 27

Gospel, Ultra Dolphins, Birthday Boyz, Capsule - Cake Shop
Kazutoki Umezu – The Stone $10
Kazutoki Umezu Pandora Quartet with Jon Madof, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Dee Pop– The Stone $10
Kevin Devine, Pablo, Brian Bonz - Northsix $10
LC – Little Corey’s Band – Goodbye Blue Monday
The Psychedelic Furs, Roman Candle - BB King Blues Club $33

Thursday, December 28
Adam Amram, Heather Vergotis – Goodbye Blue Monday
Bouncing Souls, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Paul Green's School of Rock - Webster Hall $16
Nels Cline and Zeena Parkins – The Stone $15
Peelander Z, Americans, The Choke, Smite - Northsix $10

Friday, December 29
Brazilian Girls - Irving Plaza $29.50a/$30d
Patti Smith & Her Band - Bowery Ballroom $40
The Black Lips - Maxwell's $10
The Royal Wylds, The Vandelles - Magnetic Field
Ways, Vizusa, Mountains of Mattallama, D. Charles Speer – Cake Shop $7
A Night of Pure Guitar w/ Favored Nations Artists: Vernon Reid and Masque, Rob Balducci, Dave Weiner – Tonic $29
Vinny Golia, Nels Cline, Ken Filiano – The Stone $15
Sarah Bernstein, Stuart Popejoy, Iron Dog, Thea Fardhadian – ISSUE Project Room $10

Saturday, December 30
Andrew Hurst – Goodbye Blue Monday
Birchville Cat Motel & Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins, The Lickerish Quartet: Carlos Giffoni, James Plotkin 8PM – Tonic $10
Burnt Sugar – Tonic MIDNIGHT $10
Emily Lacey, Furniture – Goodbye Blue Monday
John Zorn "End of the Year" All-Star Improv Benefit for The Stone – The Stone $20
Joyful Sonic Wash, The Holy Experiment, Ben Owen - Monkeytown $7 + $10 min
Patti Smith & Her Band - Bowery Ballroom $40
Seemless - Europa $12
Spoon - Webster Hall $32
The Sword, Stinking Lizaveta - Northsix $10/$12
Weston, Sticks & Stones, Latex Generation - Rebel $12

Sunday, December 31

Black Lips, Japanther, The Fugue, the Young Men - Silent Barn ( $8
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Hammerstein Ballroom $42
Electric Six, The Dansettes - Maxwell's $25
John Zorn, Mike Patton, Bill Laswell & special guests, Steven Bernstein's Millenial Territory Orchestra with guest vocalist Jennifer Charles – Tonic $30
Mates of State, +/- - Knitting Factory Main Space $20
Mates of State, Ida - Knitting Factory Main Space $20
Murphy’s Law – Knitting Factory Tap Bar $15
Non-Amateur-Night-No-Clock-Evening – Goodbye Blue Monday
O'Death and DJ Party- Cake Shop FREE
Patti Smith & Her Band - Bowery Ballroom $40
Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Rebecca Moore, Stephan Moore & Diana Slatterly, Jim Pugliese Phase III – ISSUE Project Room $10
Psychic Ills, Crystal Stilts, Scott Mou – Monkeytown $20
Radio 4, Oxford Collapse, New Idea Society - Mercury Lounge $25
A Place To Bury Strangers, Dead Combo, Size Queens, Sixgun Republic – Club Midway $20/$25
The Big Sleep, Foreign Islands, Holy Hail - Williamsburg White Room
The Epochs, Zigmat, Taylor McFerrin - Asterisk* Art Space 21+ $20/$30
The Slip, Meowskers - Northsix $25
Trigger Club, Sin Destroyers, Mattison, One Last Shot, The Swedes - Trash $7



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