July 3 - July 9, 2006




July 5, 2006

Gary Wilson and The Blind Dates, Zebu, Spaceship Earth - Northsix $10

Gary Wilson is one of those musical obscurities that slipped through the cracks almost immediately, and, after gradually becoming an underground novelty cult favorite, returned in the 21st Century to an enthusiasm that was non-existent the first time around. Wilson is best known for his eccentric 1977 self-released debut album, You Think You Really Know Me - which is a highly-personal and unique collision of contemporary art and schmaltz which is at once funny, disturbing, and brilliant - a musically accomplished Daniel Johnston of the 1970s - if he was more of an oddball collision of Dr. Dimento and Donald Fagen. Motel Records wanted to re-release the album - so much so that they searched the world, with even private detectives failing, before they found an ex-bandmate who led them to Wilson. They found him living without a phone in San Diego, leading a lounge band at a senior citizen bar by night and dispensing peep show tokens behind the bulletproof glass of a porn shop deep into the AM. They re-released You Don't Know Me in 2002 to no shortage of fanfare and then, before anyone knew it, Wilson, resurrecting his old routine, was back on stage in 3-D glasses singing to a mannequin. There have been two Wilson releases since: Forgotten Lovers, a Wilson oddity compilation, and, 2004's Mary Had Brown Hair, a new Wilson studio album that sticks very much to his 1977 aesthetic. I've never caught him live and am beginning to think there's no time like the present.



"6.4 = Make Out" MP3 - a 1977 classic!
Gary Wilson Brainwashed interview video (MOV)



Die Romantik, Bravo Silva, Slowlands, The Primms, Emma La Reina - Pianos $8
English Department, Cavalier King - Club Midway $7
Eyal Maoz's Dimyon - Tonic 8PM $10
Harry & the Potters - Knitting Factory Tap Bar $10
Kaki King - Living Room $8/$10
Terry Dame's Electric Junkyard Gamelan – The Stone 8PM, 10PM $10
The Histrionics - Tonic 10PM $8
The Rakes, Every Move A Picture, The Adored - Bowery Ballroom $15/$17







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