July 3 - July 9, 2006




July 9, 2006

Les Savy Fav, Beans w/ Holy Fuck, Dragons of Zinth - McCarren Park Pool 3PM FREE

So I guess LSF are still at it? It’d be interesting to see ‘em in this setting. And, if you’re like me and live in the hood and haven’t been to the pool since the old days of sneaking in late at night among the broken glass and homeless folks, it’s just plain novel to get a chance to go check it out now that its had a makeover for the new neighborhood economy. Though a pool for the locals was certainly a more noble and functional plan, this new incarnation is at least preferable to a high rise. Speaking of high-rise, while we're on the subject of sexual metaphors, for my money Beans is still one of the most fun, creative, and charismatic MC’s out there. Today he’ll be accompanied by Holy Fuck who are even cool for their unusual junk-heaps of uncool electronic instruments – and who, out of the dozens of armies of Canadian invaders, are one of the only decent outfits that make it down here.

NYNY Presents… Stu Spasm, First Twilight Congress, Static Static, Stay High, Falcon and the Snowman – Club Midway (formerly Scenic) 8PM sharp $5

OK, this is shameless, but why would I put on a show if I wouldn’t recommend it. This was originally set up as a two-band bill at the Glass House so that Static Static could have a New York show. Since the Glass House closed its doors, we found this new place and even more bands. Stu Spasm is of course the Australian rock legend behind such outfits as Lubricated Goat and Crunt. He has a really twisted lounge act on the side and, if you ask him nicely, may play one of the Goat’s finest “I Can’t Believe We’re Really Making Love.” First Twilight Congress (formerly Twilight) is led Nick from Viva l’American Death Ray and 100 Eyes, formerly of 68 Comeback, and features drummer Jay Hough formerly of GoGoGo Airheart (RIP) and yours truly on guitar. Tonight will be a rare show without the drum machine. Static Static features John Henry, the leader of New Orleans’ much-missed Detonations and his talented better half, MissMassDestruction. The duo, who evacuated New Orleans during Katrina and currently call Los Angeles home, plays raw dance party music of the highest order. Stay High, once again Jay from GoGoGo Airheart, Sean from The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and Andrew from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, are playing their first show as is Falcon and the Snowman, a powerful duo featuring David Bucci from Enduro and multimedia artist Jake Alrich. Definitely a bunch of stuff that you don’t see every day. Come buy me drinks dammit…


Acid House Kings, Legends, Ivy League, Don Lennon -Northsix $10
Career Suicide, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Dustheads – Cake Shop 4PM $7
Cursive, Make Believe, La Salle - Mercury Lounge $15
Lifetime, The Bronx, The Loved Ones - Bowery Ballroom $15
Palenque, Erik Friedlander, Lucia Pulido – Tonic
Shawn Onsgard – The Stone 8PM $10
Shawn Onsgard and Matthew Welch – The Stone 10PM $10
Sleepy LaBeef - Rodeo Bar
Yura Yura Teikoku, Endless Boogie, Invisible Conga People – Knitting Factgory Main Space $10







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