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12:12:2006: Help The Coup and Mr. Lif recover from bus crash

The good news is that no one was seriously injured when two of the most uncompromising and politically charged acts in rap history, The Coup and Mr. Lif , wound up in a tour bus accident last week. But the bad news is that all of their equipment and much of their personal belongings were destroyed. According to The Coup's Boots Riley:

We lost everything in that crash and fire. We were packed to live and do shows on that bus for a month. Most of us had every stitch of clothing we owned on there. We lost clothes, computers, recording equipment, cameras, IDs, phones, keys to cars and homes. We lost cash.We lost all our damn instruments and equipment to perform with. We were and are happy to walk away with our lives. But now we're home. Most of the band touring with The Coup has kids, rent that won't quit, bills, and holiday expenses coming. We need money, because like I said the band doesn't have the tools that they make a living with. Not only did we lose cash and material things on the bus, but we also were depending on this tour for money to make it through.

The Coup has a Paypal account for donations and keep checking his site because Mr. Lif has one on the way. You can send donations on Paypal to the following address:


They've contributed greatly to our world and this is your chance to give back in a time of need.

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