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Kid Congo Powers
In the Heat of the Night 12" EP
Nightshift 1989

This one-off solo recording was Kid’s first and remained the sole commercial release until Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds' Philosophy and Underwear LPand the Solo Cholo compilation earlier this year. The all-star cast on the record includes The Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie, Bad Seeds/Magazine bassist Barry Adamson, The Fall keyboardist Marcia Schofield, and Steve Young of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/S. The idea was an early attempt at fusing the rock and dance club music with Powers’ distinctive guitar and vocals. You can also hear a really rocked up version of the title track on Die Haut's Sweat live LP (with Mr. Powers on vocals, of course). But the big one, which is now in print once again on the Solo Cholo compilation, is the seven plus minutes of “La Historia De Un Amour.” One of Kid’s best songs, it has stuck with Kid – remaining in his repertoire and also being given a massive rock overhaul for Philosophy and Underwear.


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