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KID CONGO POWERS, Part 2 (1986 - 2006)
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Kid Congo Powers eats spaghetti in Hansa Studios in Berlin.

An Introduction to Kid Congo Powers Pt 2

Kid Congo Powers Oral History Pt 2
Here you will find both MP3s and text transcriptions of recordings made on October 19 and 20, 2005. Kid Congo Powers discusses his life and career from 1986 to the present. He provides an in-depth look into his years with Nick Cave and the Bad Seed, the The Gun Club reunion for Mother Juno, the final years of The Gun Club, on-and-off vocal duties with German instrumental group Die Haut, his first solo record, ups and downs with Congo Norvell, his many guest appearances and side-projects with artists such as Marc Eitzel, Make-Up, and Angels of Light, his collaborations with electro star Khan and Twin Peaks diva Julee Cruise, and his current band Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds.

Kid Congo Powers takes us on a tour of the tools of his trade.

A sampling of tracks from the extensive recording career of Kid Congo Powers in MP3 format. Kid also provides us with a podcast compilation of his favorites.

Transcriptions of Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds lyrics.

Jack Martin Profile
A glance at the work of Kid's primary collaborator in Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, NYC guitar ace Jack Martin. In addition to membership in three more bands with Kid (Bottleneck Drag, Congo Norvell, and Knoxville Girls), and past stints in such prestigious rock institutions as The Honeymoon Killers, Little Porkchop, Blackstrap Molasses Flood, and Stuart Lupton, Martin also currently leads The Dimestore Dance Ensemble and performs with Cause for Applause.

Kid Congo Powers’ Discography (1986 – 2006)
The first part of our overview of Kid Congo Powers' prolific body of recorded work. You will find an overview of major works by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Gun Club, Die Haut, Congo Norvell, Angels of Light, Mark Eitzel, Khan, and many more.


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