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The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young
Caroline 1989


This is one of the only tribute albums worth its weight in petroleum bi-product. Caroline basically got a bunch of the best bands of the time to do a bunch of Neil Young covers and wound up with The Bridge. While there are a couple of questionable spots, overall it’s a solid affair with a variation of approaches to the material. Sonic Youth’s “Computer Age” may be the winner but Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' “Helpless” is really beautiful and distinctive - not only in terms of this compilation, but also in the Bad Seeds catalogue up to this point. Here you’ll find an acoustic guitar-driven sparse approach. Cave is coming into his own as a different kind of singer (don't get me wrong - I loved him as that Birthday Party kind of singer as well) as he slowly unfurls the melody in one of his most subtle and soulful performances up to this point. The sparse instrumentation is colored by a male backing choir (cowboys around the fire? Blazing Saddles kicks CSNY's ass any day!) and the vast expanse of Kid’s mournful slide guitar. Definitely worth a few spins.


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