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Bill Whitten is a prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/bandleader who got his start in the music business with Hartford slacker noise band St. Johnny, who recorded a few singles for indie labels which were compiled on High As A Kite (Caroline, 1993) and were then signed to Geffen by Sonic Youth for two albums, Speed is Dreaming (1994) and Let It All Come Down (1995). He also played in Dave Baker's Shady, a Maureen Tucker studio recording, and a handfull of other projects. Bill is however best known as the leader of Grand Mal - who has thusfar recorded Grand Mal (No 6., 1996) and Pleasure is No Fun (No 6., 1997), , Maledictions (Slash/London 1999), Bad Timing (Arena Rock 2003), and Love is the Best Con in Town (New York Night Train, 2006) in addition to a number of compilations, singles, and oddities.



James Beaudreau (b. 1971) is a guitarist and designer living in Manhattan. Java St. Bagatelles is his first album.Java St. Bagatelles is a collection of 24 solo acoustic and electric guitar pieces, 20 of which were improvised. Some improvisations were edited, and some appear as they were played. The album is issued in an edition of 500 numbered copies in handmade packaging on Beaudreau’s new Workbench label.

Discography (as a sideman):
With The Billy Nayer Show: The Villain that Love Built (1998) Return To Brigadoon (1999) The American Astronaut (2001) Goodbye Straplight Sarentino (2003)
With Grand Mal: Bad Timing (2003) Love Is the Best Con In Town (2006)

Articles written by James Beaudreau have appeared in:
One Final Note, Signal To Noise Resonance, Popmatters.com



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