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mid-1960s: a few singles and EPs, The Ingoes

1967: We Are Ever So Clean, Blossom Toes

1969: If Only for a Moment, Blossom Toes

1970: Magician, Andy Leigh

1971: Workerâs Playtime, B. B. Blunder

1971  Sticky Living (EP)  B. B. Blunder

1971: 1969, Julie Driscoll

1971: Reg King, Reg King

1971: Septober Energy, Centipede

1973: Brain Damage, Solid Gold Cadillac

1974: Kohntarkosz, Magma

1975: Citadel/Room 315, Mike Westbrook

1975: Sunset Glow, Julie Tippetts

1976: Love/dream Variations, Mike Westbrook Orchestra

1976: A Wish for a Season, Kind Hearts & English

1977: Now You See It, Mirage

1978: X-Dreams, Annette Peacock

1980: Bursting Bubbles, Kevin Coyne

1980: Sanity Stomp, Kevin Coyne

1981: Pointing the Finger, Kevin Coyne

1982: The Cortege, Mike Westbrook

1984: On Duke's Birthday, Mike Westbrook Orchestra

1987: London Bridge Is Broken Down, Mike Westbrook

1988: Slaughter on Shaftsbury Avenue, Brian Godding

1989: Off Abbey Road, Mike Westbrook

1990: Journey, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

1994: Spark in the Dark, Full Monte

1997: Tryst, Tryst

1997: Glad Day, Mike Westbrook


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