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SXSW Photo Gallery

The first five pictures were taken by me. The rest are all the work of Deb Pastor - a brilliant photographter whose many years of documenting subculture and music will hopefully be made public at some point. Until then, chew on these...


Fresh Kills at Headhunters

Greg Ashley of Gris Gris at Club DeVille

The Punkaroos at Headhunters

GoGoGo Airheart with Subtitle at Room 710

Camera phone shot of Roky Erickson and the Explosives at Threadgill's

Uber-tour manager Dave Bourbon and Zachary Lipez of Fresh Kills on The Peacock patio

3/5 of Fresh Kills starting the day the right way

MC Trachiotomy and Lefty Parker on stage at The Peacock

Yrs Truly and Jen Krako

Tomorrow's Friend

The Notekillers

Tiana Hux as MC Sweet Tea

Margaret Brown, directer of the brilliant Be Here to Love Me Townes Van Zandt documentary, caught texting

Pong onstage

Newdad Larry Strub of Pong still in the audience

Pong's audience

Check the chandeliers

One of the day's two biggest heroes - Lyman Hardy with Pong

Two noteworthy Austinites - a filmmaker and a musician - prove that we can get along

Three of the best guitarists in town

A fourth! - with one of the best drummers in town

Distinguished newlyweds

GoGoGo Airheart and friends on patio

More of my longtime favorite Austinites

Francis, Gretchen, and Kelly kidnap rock star daughter

Is that a Chaindrive reunion? Are you sick of the patio pics yet?

NYNT kissing booth

Hopewell's Jason Russo isn't only transparent here - he doesn't show up in mirrors either

GoGoGo once more

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Kid Congo Powers devours a woman - finger-first, somebody films it, Quintron and Karla can't stop looking, and everyone else pretends it isn't happening

A bearded Jerry Teel and a reclusive Jack Martin

Cause for Applause jailbreak party at the Velvet Spade

Self-indulgent vanity pic - but did you know you can play on that part of the neck?

Kid Congo destroys the Velvet Spade

Two dramatic characters let off steam

Wild New Orleans crew making all-night plans...

Jeff Bouck of Viva l'American Death Ray Music - the other hero of the day!

Harlan T. Bobo con Death Ray

The most photogenic guy performing, Nick Ray, shows up in the only of the pictures. Is there no justice?

Loading the gong

OK, enough loading - whadda ya want? Only glamour shots?
Photographer Deb Pastor with our mutual hero, the Hickoids' Jeff Smith. Give 'er a hand!


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