NYNT 006: Release Date: March 2007

Sea Potentia Divina

The S-S-S-Spectres' brand spankin' new vessel proudly sports four mighty sails set to an evil gust of salty seafairing plank-walking, hook-shaking zombie death dance rattles. Navigating unknown waters somewhere East of Old Time Relijun, The Contortions, Six Finger Satellite, or Arab on Radar, and West of The Fall, The Slits, or Birthday Party.



NYNT005: Release Date: October 2006

MC Trachiotomy featuring Quintron
Rowdy Life 12" EP

Whadda ya get when you collide one of the underground's more bizarre rappers with one of its more unusual instrumentalists/conceptualists? Twisted analog electro rap straight outta New Orleans Ninth Ward. Limited edition white vinyl-only release with locked grooves on the ends. Look for their full-length, Ratsliveonevilstar, in the fall.




NYNT 004 : Release Date: September 2006

Viva l'American Death Ray Music
In the Meantime CD/LP

The long-awaited fourth LP by this dynamic Memphis trio, VLADRM here accentuating their dub, no wave, and post-punk tendencies while keeping the other hand groping into the future, In The Meantime... is by far their most abstract, raw and skeletal effort to date. Includes some of the final recordings made before the tragic fire at Memphis' legendary Easley McCain Studio. Instantly catchy but also a creeping addiction...



NYNT 003 : National Release Date: August 2006

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
from Philosophy and Underwear

While the Solo Cholo compilation is a document that shows how Kid Congo Powers has evolved as a singer and songwriter for a couple of decades, this is Kid's first full-length dive into recording as a bandleader. The sound of The Pink Monkey Birds encompasses garagy punk, glam, dirty soul, experimental noise, dark balladry, and even abrasive mechanical electro – all filtered through the Kid's unique post-no wave aesthetic. With Kid's poetic urban low life narratives thrown on top. Kid's fiery dual guitar work with ace Jack Martin will blow you away....



NYNT 002: National Release Date: August 2006

Grand Mal
Love Is The Best Con In Town

Tha mighty Mal's fifth and finest album. While this collection contains plenty of rockers in the Grand Mal tradition, brilliant piano-based numbers with dense vocal and instrumental harmonic arrangements are its mark of distinction. For lack of a better description, the unique sound is a collision of Todd Rundgren, Holland-era Beach Boys and of course the relaxed swagger of classic Grand Mal-style r’n’r. Loaded with some of the finest songs of Bill Whitten’s career. ..



NYNT 001 : National Release Date: August 2006

Kid Congo Powers
Solo Cholo compilation CD

New York Night Train's first release grew out of an in-depth web zine profile about Kid Congo Powers. . While the theme of this rarities compilation is songs that focus on the guitar stylist as a vocalist and songwriter, there's no shortage of the noise guitar that made him legendary in the first place. Kid guides you through twenty years of sonic adventurism with Knoxville Girls, Khan, Congo Norvell, Die Haut, Lydia Lunch, Barry Adamson, Robin Gutherie, and many more. ...



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