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S-S-S-Spectres, Photo by Dawn Fredericks

A band of charlatans, magicians, mediums and scofflaws claiming to be "S-S-S-Spectres" surfaced in Brooklyn in early '05. Since then they have been frequenting the meaner night-time establishments throughout the New York Isles and beyond, conjuring up and putting questions to the spirits of "The Contortions," "Bush Tetras ," "The Fall" and "The Birthday Party." Some rubes taken in by their performance have also claimed to have felt the chilling touch of "Six Finger Satellite," "Erase Errata" and "Old Time Relijun"! Their spellcraft is simple enough: jerky percussion and skittish bass riding waves of gang vocals and chants amidst a squall of shrieks from a home-built 12-string guitar. Through photo-comparisons and tireless cross-checking, we are fairly certain their members have previously been implicated in incidents of unholy music and mischief in Providence, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and even Austin, TX! Today, these blackguards have united into one single-minded, seething mass, and they have been plying their trade along the coasts in company with the likes of Country Teasers, Magik Markers, Deerhunter, No Things, Meneguar, Cause Co-motion and assorted other fiends and groups. Their shockingly brazen manifesto, Sea Potentia Divina , was released by a shadowy organization known only as "New York Night Train Recordings" in early '07. Everything beyond these barest facts is either mere conjecture or the ramblings of the mad.

Be wary of "S-S-S-Spectres" and their wily magicks! You may not know them by sight, as they have been seen in assorted disguises and ritual dress. Reports of appearances in black cloaks, blindfolds or horrid tribal masks are not uncommon, and there have even been some accounts of these so-called "S-S-S-Spectres" lashing themselves together with a great rope in the manner of Odysseus! Their "performances" never last long, but can leave you soul-stolen, wicked and smitten with their blasphemous songs, lest you are very careful and stop up your ears and, yea, your eyes as well.



[S-S-S-Spectres'] dissonant honkings and lurching beats evoke No Wave heroes like James Chance.

-Ben Sisario, New York Times

[S-S-S-Spectres'] dark, uncommonly hard-angled post-punk suggests various 80s bands without seeming retro.

-Mike Wolf, Time Out New York

This mysterious Brooklyn no-wave outfit specialize in musical confusion: Nearly everything on their new Sea Potentia Divina EP sounds like two bands playing at the same time. In this cut, itís not witches vs. wolves but the B-52ís vs. King Sunny Ade; in "You Faux Pas" they pit Bob Bert-era Sonic Youthís rhythm section against "Crazy In Love."

-Mikael Wood,

The trio played gloriously spazzed-out punk with a really strong low end, and their spectacle was accompanied by two spangle-outfitted dancers whose flailing and handstands only added to the fun.

Brooklyn minimo-punk rockers firing off noise-y staccato drumming, hypnotic bass repitition, high strung guitar licks, and low end half-spoken vocal fragments ala Mark E. Smith or James Murphy.

- Todd P,

Back to S-S-S-Spectres. The S-S-S-Six-Finger-Satellite s-s-s-spastic tempos made me reminiscent of Providence noise-art-rock, and thatís-s-s-s a good thing.


NYC's S-S-Spectres burried the Eagle's Nest (Northampton, MA) at sea Saturday night with their angular math core and interstitial tales of the dead and something. It's conceptual, and I don't have it all figured out yet. But sorrowful punk tales, or aggressive (sea) chantey core might begin to suggest what the trio known as S-S-Spectre produces.


2007 take on a more punked out Birthday Party/Fall sound.



Sea Potentia Divina EP



Release Date:
March 8, 2007

The S-S-S-Spectres' brand spankin' new vessel proudly sports four mighty sails set to an evil gust of salty seafairing plank-walking, hook-shaking zombie death dance rattles. Navigating unknown waters somewhere East of Old Time Relijun, The Contortions, Six Finger Satellite, or Arab on Radar, and West of The Fall, The Slits, or Birthday Party. Three-part disjointed masculine/feminine harmony that is not unlike the sound of Sly and the Family Stone from the bowels of a whale way down below the ocean where I long to be. Throw yr peglegs in the air and wave 'em like u just don't care....

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The band is currently in the studio working on new recordings! Look for new releases and shows in the fall of '07

"Witches vs Wolves" MP3



S-S-S-Spectres Official Site
S-S-S-Spectres on Myspace
NYNT Sea Potential Divina Page



Album photo - high res. [Credit: Dawn Fredericks]
Alt. Seance photo - high res. [Credit: Dawn Fredericks]





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