Mana "China" Nishiura

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UPDATE: Sunday, November 6, 2005

Mana "China" Nishiura

Chronological Discography

Music Start Against Young Assault, "123456," "Sporty Man," and "Power" from (SOME WILD) 1996
Music Start Against Young Assault, Satori Distortion 2 (CD95-10, 1996)
Music Start Against Young Assault, "Octupus Wave" and "Green" from Nova Feedback comp.(GMCD-020, 1997)
Jesus Fever, Dozens of Great Views (GREEN 005, 1998)
Jesus Fever, .Solar Eclipse comp. (GREEN 003, 1999)
Music Start Against Young Assault, Rabbit Express, (GSAN-100, 2000)
Shonen Knife, "Mosquitoes" from Strawberry Sound (MVCH-29043, 2000)
Music Start Against Young Assault, Koridosi" from Crazys comp. (YC-040, 2001)

Shonen Knife, "Top Of The World" from Orange No Taiyo (BF-3CD, 2001)
Shonen Knife, Soundtrack "KOROSHIYA-ICHI" (MOSCD-22, 2001)
Shonen Knife (as 712) , Power Of Money cassete ( Burning Farm BF-2CT, 2001)
Rashinban, Hajimari (tlca-1003, 2002)
Rahsinban "Robinson: from Ichigo-Ichie Sweets for my SPITZ (a Spitz tribute - muct-1003,2002 )
Shonen Knife, "Crown of Fuzzy Groove" (PCD-5838)(2002)
Rashinban, Aenai Hito (tlca-1007, 2003)
Rashinban, Fukuin (tlca-1008, 2003)
Shonen Knife, "Mango Juice,"."Rubber Band," Heavy Songs (WINN-82101, 2003)
Shonen Knife, Soundtrack "Mind Game"(2003)
Shonen Knife, "Nu Frequency" (TZ-7243)(2003)
Rashinban, Irumi (tlca-1012, 2004)
DMBQ, The Essential Sounds From The Far East (AVCD-17686, 2005
)Jesus Fever, Raggle Taggle comp. (TRCD 025, ?)
Jesus Fever, Tone Poem Archives comp. (CZCV-1002, ?)
Jesus Fever, Chiba Notorious comp. (CH-40, ?) L-R


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