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Mardi Gras 2006 Photo Gallery

These pictures from Mardi Gras 2006 are from a collection of sources - the ones labelled JM are courtesy of Jackie Mang, the ones with EP are by E.P. of Imagine "the" Band, and the final one is from MC Trachiotomy. All the rest are by yours truly.


Nick from Viva l'American Death Ray with camera

Nick Ray films the 9h

The 9th Ward Marching Band is the 9th Ward Parade

9th Ward Marching Band original members Matt Vis, Jame Kallel, MC Trachiotomy, Quintron, and more.

MC Sweet Tea (Tiana Hux) as security - protecting the 9th from this dangerous dumpster.

Passing the Pearl's back yard

Passing the side of the Pearl

Passing one of many piles of rubble

The 9th stands in place (JM)

Standard issue lipstick traces (JM)

Persuasive percussion (JM)

Flag Girls get filmed

9th Ward Marching Band Cheerleaders (JM)

More flags (JM)

Mimi's - all ye who enter prepare to abandon all sobriety

Crowded in Mimi's

On the bar at Mimi's

On the bar 2 (JM)

More cheer (JM)

Viva l'American Death Ray Music

...at Circle Bar


Jeff Bouck drumsz

MC Trachiotomy at One Eyed Jacks

MC Trachiotomy and El Tonios with E.P. and members of Mad Happy

Twilight post-rock

9th gets ready for Proteus (EP)

Miss Pussycat at Proteus (EP)

9th at Proteus (EP)


Peaches marches with the 9th

3rd rate Nick Zinner shot at One Eyed Jacks

Twilight at One Eyed Jacks

MC Trachiotomy

Peaches works the balcony

Quintron's gear

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Quintron and Gun Girl Raven

Quintron, Peaches, Miss Pussycat, and Gun Girls

...rocking "God of Thunder"

...with air gun

...and male dancers

Late-night earbleed orchestra

...invades the bar

The way E.P. perceives things (EP)


Antionette K-Doe with MC Trachiotomy (JP)



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