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White Hassle/Railroad Jerk Discography

White Hassle:
Your Language CD (Fargo Records, France 2005)
The Death of Song/Watertank 2xCD (Fargo Records, France 2005)
The Death of Song CD/LP (Orange Recordings 2004)
The Death of Song CD/LP (Fargo Records, France 2003)
The Death of Song CD/LP (Mazri Records, Japan 2003)
Watertank CD EP (Fargo Records, France 2003)
"Lazy Susan"/"Good Feeling" 7" High Maintenance, 2002)
"Life is Still Sweet," Orange Sampler Comp CD (Orange Recordings, 2001)
Life is Still Sweed CD EP (Orange Recordings, 2000)
"X-mas for X-sake," VPRO Comp (VPRO, Holland, 1999)
"To Sir with Love"/"Let Me Drive Your Car", "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me" 7" (Super 8 Records, 1997)
National Chain CD/LP (Matador Records, 1997)

Railroad Jerk
Railroad Jerk LP/CD/CS (Matador Records, 1990)
"From The Pavement," New York Eye & Ear Control Comp LP/CD/CS (Matador Records, 1990)
"Younger Than You" 7" (Matador Records, 1991)
Raise The Plow LP/CD/CS (Matador Records, 1992)
Milk The Cow 2x7" E P(PCP Records, 1992)
We Understand 2x7" EP (Matador Records, 1993)
"02.20.93 7" (Walt Records, 1993)
"Rollerkoaster," "Lady Eleanor," Music For Swingers Comp LP (Massacre At Central Hi, 1994)
One Track Mind LP/CD/CS (Matador Records, 1995)
Bang The Drum 7"/CD EP (Matador Records,1995)
"Bang The Drum," Extra Cheese, A Matador Records Sampler Comp CD (Matador, 1995)
"Wedding Song," Wedding Record Comp 7" (Walt Records, 1995)
"Ordinary Nights," PCP Generics, A PCP Records Sampler Comp CD (PCP Records, 1995)
"I Wanna Kick Myself For You," Lo-Fi –Electric Acoustic & Radical Comp CD (Nippon Crown Records, 1995)
The Third Rail LP/CD (Matador Records, 1996)
Sauberes Hemd CD EP (Matador Records, 1997)
"Bang The Drum,"
"One Step Forward," What's Up Matador Comp2xLP/2xCD (Matador Records, 1997)
"Good News," Revelations Book II Comp CD (Gammon Records, 1999)
Railroad Jerk "Old McNeil"/"Only One Thing" 7" (Subpop , 2000)


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