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Tonic Benefit CD
Young God 1999

When local venue Tonic needed a hand, Mr. Swan himself, Michael Gira, got his newly-formed ten-piece mini-orchestra, The Angels of Light, to come to the rescue. In the process they made this special disc (the CD also includes some tracks recorded at Bowery Ballroom). The instrumentation of the all-star New York ensemble consisted of vibes, accordions, ukuleles, theremin, melodica, and all kinds of unusual percussion. One of the other exotic instruments is the electric guitar - as played by Mr. Kid Congo Powers. With this early incarnation and limited release, Gira may have accidentally done more to jump-start what is unjustly known as “freak-folk” than his discoveries of Devendra and Akron Family.


How I Loved You
Young God 2001

Taking a second look at Angels of Light’s catalogue, I think this may well be their best work. It’s so elegant that even the slightest flourish can have a dramatic effect on the mood mood. Gira works best and is most effective with this extra spacious atmosphere – as he has more room to tell you what you’ve don’t want to know about love – and it resonates. Again he assembles a really talented and interesting group of characters – Dana Schector, Larry Mullins, Austinite Thor Harris, and Berlinner Christoph Hahn. Bliss Blood of Pain Teens fame makes a guest appearance. Kid Congo Powers plays on “My True Body” and “New York Girls.”

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