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Malediction CD
Checkered Past 1999

Here lies the first album of Paul Wallfisch's solo project Botanica. Paul's been a member of Firewater, Congo Norvell – what the hell, he’s played with everyone and will even tell you about playing with Stiv Bators or Love and Rockets if you ask politely. So Professor Wallfisch's first album has a pretty snazzy rhythm section consisting of Ivan Knight (Stan Ridgeway, Friends of Dean Martinez) and Abbie Travis (who has played with even more people than Paul – legend has it that during one Lollapalooza legend she did double-duty with both Elastica and Beck on a daily basis). In terms of guest guitarists, Paul also showed no shame - getting Bauhaus/L&R guitarist Daniel Ash, Blondie's Frankie Infante, and Kid Congo Powers in his brood as well. And yes, “brood” is a double entendre as this ain’t a jolly record. You will find El Kid on “Beauty.” Kid even played live with Botanica for some time after Paul moved to New York..


With All Seven Fingers
Subway/Alive 2002

Kid once again collaborates with his comrade Paul Walfisch on Botanica’s sophomore record. Since the last one, Malediction, was a dark album recorded in Los Angeles, Paul decided to create a sunny album from New York and call it With All Seven Fingers. Actually, I was just messing with you - this one is a bit gothic as well - not to say there ain't no sunshine. Kid plays guitar on “Let's Go” - but the real highlight is Kid’s vocal number “Power” – a Wallfisch/Powers composition also featuring Abby Travis. It sounds a bit like Leonard Cohen at a carnival and is a work of supreme beauty. The song will be in print for the first time in the United States on Kid’s new Solo Cholo compilation.

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