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No Comprendo LP/CD
Matador 2001

In this, electronic musician Khan’s foray into high eclecticism, he employs a number of notable guest vocalsists. The star-studded affair includes tracks by Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Andre Williams, Jon Spencer, Stereo Total’s Francoise Cactus, Atari Teenage Riot’s Hanin Elias, and, of course, Kid Congo Powers. Kid drops his baritone on the tracks “Why Hurt Flesh” and “Vaseline.” This first recorded meeting of Kid and Khan was the seed of a long, involved, and fruitful musical and personal collaboration between the two. They continue to put out records and tour to this day under the moniker Kid and Khan.


Bad English
Trans*Solar 2005

After Kid appeared as a guest vocalist on Khan’s final Matador Records LP No Comprendo, the two began a journey of their own as Kid and Khan on the tour that followed. Fusing Kid’s rock aesthetic and Khan’s techno background, the duo began experimenting with the electronic-electric fusion that you find on this album. A tribute to Marianne Faithful’s Broken English, Bad English parodies the cover, includes a version of Faithful’s “Why’d Ya Do It," and also revolves around the theme of the end of a relationship (Kid also refers to this as "our little Fleetwood Mac sort of Rumours sort of album") – in this case Kid and Khan’s. You will also find Kid revisiting “The Goo Goo Muck” more than two decades after he originally recorded it with The Cramps. This is because they were approaching the record with a secondary concept in mind:

“What if The Cramps were actually making an album now that was modern? What would it be like?”


Washing Machine 12" (2005)

Washing Machine is a twelve-inch EP consisting of songs from Bad English filtered through Kid and Khan’s favorite mixologists. Gianni Vitello, Kaos, and Christian Jendreiko all have a hand at transforming these songs into dancefloor anthems



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