January 15, 2005

Issue II:
Kid Congo Powers 2


Lour Reed's photos

Busta Rhymes
security guard shot

Take Action! brings punx to capitol
Fugees enter the future
M-1 of Dead Prez denounces Black History Month
Rapper Cool C. to be executed
Rolling Stones censored
Neil Young/Devo collaboration- free MP3
Gun Club’s Terry Graham interview
Lightning Bolt new side project Wizardzz
Marvin Gaye biopic
Bob Dylan
recording new LP
Michael Jackson may get Pope commission

Lou Reed's
new photo book and exhibit
Paul Wall
sells customized tooth ornaments
New Poll:
music buyers dissatisfied
lawyer sings
new technology
Louise Scruggs
pianist son passes away
Bay City Roller
off hook

Christgau lays down trax
Luther Campbell back as man of letters
Guralnick on Sam Cooke on NPR
Senators get iPods?
Blondie “Rapture” “on the storm” mash-up
Mission of Burma
new LP

Gilberto Gil’s NYC speech
Belle and Sebastian
morphed into comic book characters

Noise Pop fest announces lineup
Black Flag tribute album
Sex Pistols ready for another swindle?

Andre Williams
is missing say Sadies
Hank Williams
heirs win control of radio performances
Sherman Ferguson
passes away at 61
Boy George
on trial

The Game’s
manager gound guilty of DJ assault
Aretha Franklin
slams Super Bowl
Devo’s Gerald V. Casale
new solo project
Coretta Scott King
- a musical tribute
Bay Area’s New Hip-Hop Churches
Classical music
– it ain''t just for squares anymore






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Sly Stone is back!
The return of Sly Stone is a big deal. As is that Mohawk. Even if it was the GRAMMYS, I wish I had a TV.




Willie Nelson’s new bean gas
Willie Nelson has introduced “BioWillie” to the market. It’s clean burning and is made of soybeans. He’s ahead of you George..

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Velvet Underground
– first DVD
A new Velvet Underground DVD just came out. While it isn’t the stuff you’re hoping for, it’s still some pretty decent stuff from the reunion shows in Paris in 1993. Brooklyn Vegan even has media files for "Venus in Furs" and "I Heard Her Call My Name"

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French Court OK’s P2P
A Paris district court authorized the use of of Paris has recently authorized the use of sharing files P2P “for individual, non-commercial use.” Viva le France! Viva le P2p!

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Wu-Tang reunion tour starts now
The ODB-less Wu-Tang is back at it for the first time in years.

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Michael Bolton Plays at Coretta Scott King Memorial
Ouch! What a way to go…

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Columbia U
asks “What’s in a hit?”

Whoever cracks this one possesses the secret to the future. Check it out atColumbia University's online "Music Lab."

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