February 15, 2006

Issue III:
New Orleans' 9th Ward Music Scene:
Katrina and Beyond

Busta Rhymes
security guard shot

Take Action! brings punx to capitol
Fugees enter the future
M-1 of Dead Prez denounces Black History Month
Rapper Cool C. to be executed
Rolling Stones censored
Neil Young/Devo collaboration- free MP3
Gun Club’s Terry Graham interview
Lightning Bolt new side project Wizardzz
Marvin Gaye biopic
Bob Dylan
recording new LP
Michael Jackson may get Pope commission

Lou Reed's
new photo book and exhibit
Paul Wall
sells customized tooth ornaments
New Poll:
music buyers dissatisfied
lawyer sings
new technology
Louise Scruggs
pianist son passes away
Bay City Roller
off hook

Christgau lays down trax
Luther Campbell back as man of letters
Guralnick on Sam Cooke on NPR
Senators get iPods?
Blondie “Rapture” “on the storm” mash-up
Mission of Burma
new LP

Gilberto Gil’s NYC speech
Belle and Sebastian
morphed into comic book characters

Noise Pop fest announces lineup
Black Flag tribute album
Sex Pistols ready for another swindle?

Andre Williams
is missing say Sadies
Hank Williams
heirs win control of radio performances
Sherman Ferguson
passes away at 61
Boy George
on trial

The Game’s
manager gound guilty of DJ assault
Aretha Franklin
slams Super Bowl
Devo’s Gerald V. Casale
new solo project
Coretta Scott King
- a musical tribute
Bay Area’s New Hip-Hop Churches
Classical music
– it ain''t just for squares anymore






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I do this less and less 'cause most of it's sooo boring. You know where you can go to get the names of tracks on unreleased albums amd all the rest. Here be what I think is interesting from the last week




Daniel Johnston tug of war
Two managers are now battling over control of Daniel Johnston. In all fairness, a lot of folks don't know that Tartakov spent years making Johnston's name what it is - and putting up with him at his worst. I knew I should've bought those damn drawings he used to sell at the record store where I used to work in Austin tor $10 a pop. It just seemed a tad exploitative.

More: New York Times


James Brown - gets China down
James Brown funked up the Chinese mainland -: Shanghai's People's Liberation Army acrobatics theate to be specific. . He did "Get up Offa That Thing," "Make it Funky," and more. Can you imagine?

More: Newsday



Ray Barretto, R.I.P.
Latin jazz/salsa maestro Ray Barretto died last week due to complications from aquintuple bypass surgery at 76. "The King of the Hard Hands" Barretto played with everybody from Bird to Tito Peunte and performed the popular version of "El Watusi".

More: Reuters




Afrika Bambaataa's Emergency Meeting
The godfather of hip-hop called a meeting yesterdy declaring a state of emergency for contemporary radio. He said, "Our children are being brainwashed and mind controlled through this tastless programming." When he talks about the same ten songs over and over and payola - you know which local station he's talking about - and he's right, listen to something else. Chuck D, Crazy Legs, Davy D, and others were slated to attend.

More: Davy D


Cindy Sheehan & rockers stage benefit
The Bring 'Em Home Now concert at Hammerstein features not only a speech by Sheehan, but performances by Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Fischerspooner, Public Enemy's Chuck D, Devendra Banhart and Peaches. It'll benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace. While the bill seems half-bad, you gotta admit that there hasn't been much of this since the last election.

More: Reuters


Henry Rollins in trouble for reading
Henry Rollins hit some turbulence on an Australian flight because he was reading Ahmed Rashid's Jihad: The Rise of Militant Island in Central Asia. He replied, "Baghdad's safer than my hometown and your PM is a sissy"

More: NME





Hip Hop at the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History will soon have its first hip hop exhibit - "Hip-Hop Won't Stop" - some of which will be in the permanent collection.

More: All Hip Hop



Roy Orbison is back from dead
Sony BMG's Legacy is starting the process of releasing everything that Roy Orbison recorded with a live video and a two-disc compilation. Maybe a duet with Biggie?

More: Chart Attack




Phillie Soul NPR story
NPR did a feature on Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and Philadelphia International Records! Check it...

More: NPR






George W. Johnson feature
If you're into ealry pop recordings, and I don't mean 1950s stuff or even 20s stuff, but I'm talking stuff that came out on cylinder disc, you know George W. Johnson. Here NPR looks at Johnson and the issue of race. Plus, you can hear his renditions of " The Whistling Coon," "The Laughing Song," and "The Laughing Coon."

More: NPR





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