June 2006: SPOTLIGHT ON...

The Gospel According to Bill




Grand Mal
No. 6 Records, 1996

"Flying High" MP3
"Hard to Beat" MP3


Pleasure Is No Fun
No. 6 Records, 1997

“Give Yourself to the Devil” MP3
“Lucky Stiffs” MP3
"Cold As A Donor" MP3

Slash/London Records, 1998

"Out On Bail" MP3
"Fun Fun Fun" MP3

"Stay In Bed" MP3

This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn Based Compilation
Arena Rock Recording Company, 2001

"Hey Man" MP3

Bad Timing
Arena Rock Recording Company, 2003

"First Round Knockout" MP3
"Disaster Film" MP3
"Black Aura" MP3

Love is the Best Con in Town
New York Night Train Recordings, 2006

"Cold As the Stars" MP3
"Count Me In" MP3
"The Best Con In Town" MP3


B-Sides and Rarities

- some B-sides to English singles, and, soon, some more stuff...

Live At The Black Cat
web-only, 2006
- This free web-only live album consists of ten tracks from a show opening for Imperial Teen at Washington, DC's The Black Cat in 1999.


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